When Are We Expecting Year Of The Rabbit Season 2 Release Date?

A comedy taste, with a mixture of crime, detective and mysteries is a much better genre to watch, than just hanging around with your friends. Year Of The Rabbit is such a type of series. A black comedy and sitcom British television series, it is created by Kevin Cecil and Andy Riley under the direction of Ben Taylor. Released under the production of Objective Fiction, the series is simply set in London in the 1887 era showing Detective Rabbit in the main lead. The series explores the tasks and the mysteries he revolves around.

Year Of The Rabbit Season 2 Release Date

Year Of The Rabbit Season 2 Release Date

Season 1 of the series premiered on June 10, 2019, and ran till July 15, 2019, with 6 episodes of 25 minutes each with 7.4 ratings on IMDB and 94 % on Rotten Tomatoes. Liked by 92 % of people, the series was highly praised by the audience for its hilarious comedy with a tinge of crime.

With a great liking of the fans for the series, this might be bad news for the lovers to know that season 2 of the series is not coming. With COVID time having a great impact on the production of the series, Objective Media Group ( OMG ) is also now looking for a new partner for the comedy. Although the makers had announced its renewal, after that, the series got a halt, and to date, there is no season 2 coming.

Year Of The Rabbit Season 1 Release DateJune 10, 2019
Year Of The Rabbit Season 2 Release DateNot Announced
Year Of The Rabbit Season 2 Release Date

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Year Of The Rabbit Season 2 Story

The team a Victorian London detective group can do anything if they work tactfully and intelligently. A group of wise persons includes Detective Inspector Rabbit, Detective Sergeant Wilbur Strauss, and Sergeant Mabel Wisbech. Every episode tells a captivating and interesting story surrounding many people, societies, and cultures. While Mabel is Britain’s first female police officer, her character and depth of strength, ambition, accomplishments, and teamwork.

The first episode of season 1 starts to find a murderer who targets young girls. The team of Rabbit, tactfully resolve the case will some difficulties and obstacles in their path too. While Tanner, Rabbit’s biggest arrival plot against him, he still won the case. The major tagline of the series is the humour and comedic situations, which the viewer just can’t get rid of. Well, this is the most common thing to frame the most valuable and famous person, if he/she is involved in any good game. And, the same goes with Rabbit too. There comes a point in the series when he gets framed for his murder, and his teammates try to prove his innocence when he is not guilty.

Year Of The Rabbit Season 2 Cast

Year Of The Rabbit Season 2 Release Date

The series focuses on Matt Berry as Detective Inspector Eli Rabbit who is a seasoned investigator, Alun Armstrong as Chief Inspector Hugh Wisbech, Rabbit’s senior officer, Freddie Fox as Detective Sergeant Wilbur Strauss, Rabbit’s junior partner with Susan Wokoma as Sergeant Mabel Wisbech, Britain’s first female police officer and the adopted daughter of Chief Inspector Wisbech. The viewers also see Paul Kaye as Detective Inspector Tanner, Keeley Hawes as Lydia, leader of a secret women’s organization, The Vision and Rabbit’s arch-enemy, and Ann Mitchell as Gwendoline, landlady of the Bar of Gold.

Along with these casts, the viewers also see David Dawson as Joseph Merrick, Alister Petrie in the character of George Larkham, Peter-Hugo Daly as Murky John with Sally Philips as Princess Juliana of Bulgaria. The cast of season 2 remains the same if the series would get renewed for the same, but as there are no hopes, the viewers should also not hope for the same.

Year Of The Rabbit Season 2 Trailer

Watch the comedic situations and the humour in every part in the trailer of season 1. The time 1877 era is beautifully shown in the series, which is just phenomenal.

Where To Watch Year Of The Rabbit Season 2 Online?

The series is available on Channel 4 in UK and IFC in the US. Well, it can be renewed for season 2, if it gets adopted by any other channel or network.

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