Will Morbius Be In Spiderman? Know Here!

There has been a lot of confusion recently in the Marvel comic universe as well as the Sony spiderman universe, regarding the new uprising characters that have been introduced by both the studios and the entire chaos that has happened since both the studios started working together and brought three spidermen in the same frame. Now recently we have also seen the drop of the Morbius movie, which was very hyped since the November of 2021. The show is based on the MCU character who serves as a role of anti-hero in the entire universe, and the fun fact which is mostly known by all who have seen the movie is that this universe is the same universe where venom exists. For those who don’t know who venom is, he is another anti-hero that comes under the Sony spider-man universe.

after the announcements made by the Sony studios regarding the upcoming spiderman universe, which will be related to only spider man characters, the Morbius movie can be considered as a spin-off for spiderman and the role of Morbius is just like the role of venom. Now one of the biggest questions that stands in the mind of most of the marvel universe and Sony spiderman universe is regarding the multiverse and which characters will be seen in which series because there have been many theories all over the internet and no confirmation has been received, everyone is quite intrigued to know more about where Morbius will make its entry into the main series. the character of Morbius is currently played by Jared letto and a lot of hype has been related to that too, for other updates we will have to wait a little longer.

Will Morbius Be In Spiderman?

Will Morbius Be In Spiderman

Now, this is one of the most controversial questions that everyone has been concerned about for the last few months, based on the fact that Morbius is a spinoff series to the spiderman in the Sony spiderman universe, it is very probable that like any other anti-hero, Morbius will also play a role in the main storyline of the series, but in which one that is completely unknown to us. A lot of facts still depend on the release of the dr strange multiverse of madness, because that will make it very clear, how both the marvel universe and the Sony spiderman universe are planning to carry out the storyline.

 We have already seen in the movie Morbius that, the character is very well aware of the existence of venom, as he refers to him in one of the scenes, and those who have watched the trailer of Morbius very minutely, will also know that we saw the graffiti of spiderman on one the walls, now what are the makers trying to foreshadow that remains a question. Till then there is a great chance that marvel universe spiderman will not show the existence of Morbius, and the spiderman which is played by Andrew Garfield will actually show the existence of Morbius as a new anti-hero.

Thus, by now, it is very much clear to the fans that Morbius will make his appearance in spiderman movies but in which spiderman movie, that remains in question and facts will be cleared only after the release of the multiverse of madness.


Why Can’t The MCU Spiderman Be The Sony Universe Spiderman?

Now here comes a lot of problems, as we know spiderman is actually under the rights of Sony studios and they have brought the three characters of spiderman together only through an agreement and partnership, however venom and Morbius are completely Sony spiderman universe characters and if tom holland spiderman is to be the Sony universe spiderman too, then MCU and Sony universe will completely have to be mingled and much problems will arrive for the studios while producing the upcoming film.

Will Venom And Morbius Be Shown Together In The Upcoming Movies?

Will Morbius Be In Spiderman

As we know the character of Morbius already has made reference to the existence of venom in the first movie of Morbius, which means he knows about the existence of venom, and it is quite probable for both the anti-heroes to come together and fight against spiderman which can be a completely different storyline, and both of them can also play an important part in their own movie line to enhance their characters in it.