When To Expect Sparta Season 2 Release Date?

Sparta is a Russian thriller drama TV series written by Ilya Tilkin and directed by Egor Baranov. The series was released on July 9th, 2018 on Netflix. Sparta Season 1 has 8 episodes, each about 53 minutes. On IMDB, the series has been rated 6.7. Perhaps they wanted to try something new, which is why they made it available on Netflix. The series has managed to get two Golden Eagle awards under its name. Director Egor Baranov and producer Aleksandr Tsekalo have won the Best TV Film/Series award, whereas Alexander Petrov has received the Best Television Actor award for his role in the series. 

Sparta is pretty underrated, so not many people have seen the series, but the concept is quite unique. Once mainstream people get into the series, we are sure they will enjoy it as much as they enjoy other foreign content. Sparta follows the story of a group of students who witness the death of their teacher, who commits suicide by jumping out of a window, followed by a series of unfortunate events that get mixed up in a virtual world. According to IMDB reviews, the series is interesting and catchy. Though the series is not extremely popular, the audience has found a certain liking for it and the reviews are mostly positive.

Sparta Season 2 Release Date

The series was released on July 9, 2019. It’s been years but there is no news about the series renewal. We can certainly assume that from the series’ low popularity and being a Russian series, there are very few chances that the series will be back with season 2. Netflix has a limited selection of Russian content, and if the series does not perform well, it will not be renewed for a second season. In Sparta’s case, there are an endless number of reasons why it won’t make a return for the second season.

Though the series is interesting and creative and has also managed to receive good reviews, the lower number of viewers has limited its opportunity to get renewed for a second season. There are very slim chances of its renewal, so fans should drop their high hopes until the series gets confirmation for season 2.

Sparta Season 1 Release DateJuly 9, 2019
Sparta Season 2 Release DateNot Announced
Sparta Season 2 Release Date

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Sparta Season 2 Story 

Sparta follows the story of a homeroom teacher who is a faculty member of the St. Petersburg school and kills himself by jumping out of the classroom window in front of his entire class. Investigator Igor Kryukov interviews the students of the deceased homeroom teacher and learns about the video game Sparta, which blurs the line between the real and virtual worlds. The investigator is shown as quite sensitive throughout the entire investigation because we get to see flashbacks of him and we get to know that his wife has also recently committed suicide using the same method, and he is going through a depressive period because of her sudden, tragic death.

During the course of the investigation, he discovers that the director and his daughter died in the same institution. From the start, he considers the possibility that the murders are linked to Sparta, a game to which young people are addicted. Until the final chapter, the series maintains suspense. It is built on continuous flashbacks that allow us to easily follow and understand what has happened until everything is revealed in a coherent manner in the final chapter.

Sparta Season 2 Cast

It’s very unlikely that the series will get a renewal. If it does get a renewal, viewers will get to see the cast from the previous season followed by some new cast members. Sparta’s first season cast includes Alyssa Lozovskaya portraying the character of Irina Shorina, Alexander Petrov portraying the character of Michail Barkovskiy, Artyom Tkachenko portraying the character of Igor Andreevich Kryuko, Philipp Mogilnitskiy portrayed the character of Vladimir Bagramov, Yana Yenzhayeva portrayed the character of Anna Melkova, Marina Kaletskaya portrayed Natasha Belodedova, Yuliya Marchenko portrayed the role of Lyudmila Mikhaylovna Tsareva, Valeriya Shkirando and  Aleksandr Bolshakov.

Where To Watch Sparta Season 2?

Sparta Season 2 has not been released yet. Until then, viewers can watch the first season of the series, which is currently available on the streaming platform, Netflix.

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