3 % Season 5 Release Date Latest Details Revealed!

We all have dreams of a better lifestyle than what we are living right now and we all are ready to struggle for it, but sometimes the struggle can be beyond our imaginations, and it is well known to us by now about the upcoming poverty levels to which the society has to deal with, but we are quite ignorant of the consequence or the extent of the situation. This is where the series comes to let us know about the future consequence of poverty and the struggle, everyone is ready to go through, to lead a better life in a privileged society.

However, the struggle stands in the form of a “process” in which only 3% of the total number of applicants pass, and not only do the rest of the applicants fail, but many of them end up losing their lives. We have received a total of 4 seasons for this series till now and the series has also received a 7.4 IMDb rating which is quite impressive.

The reviews for the show are absolutely great and based on the fanbase and all other criteria, this show can be considered a must-watch for all. Now after the release of the fourth season of the show, there has been a long time gap and fans have been anticipating the re4laese of the fifth season of the show, for quite a long time now.

Unfortunately, we have a piece of bad news for the audience, there hasn’t been any renewal of the show for a fifth season yet and according to all the sources, we can consider the fourth season of the show to be the final season. However, as we know, successful series often change the mind of the makers and there remains a chance that the show may get renewed in the future with a new storyline, but till then we will have to wait for a little.

3 % Season 5 Release Date

3 % Season 5 Release Date

This show is a completely Brazilian origin show and the first season of the show with a total of 8 episodes made its release on the 25th of November 2016, the second season of the show came out in the year 2018 and after that, we have received consecutive season every year till 2020, which marks the conclusion of the show with the fourth season.

Now as we know, the fifth season of the show can be considered cancelled, however, there still remains hope somewhere that the show will come back, but there haven’t been any updates yet. Based on estimation, if there is any decision taken in 2022, we will receive the fifth season at the earliest by the fourth quarter of 2023. Now if a fifth season of the show happens, it will have approximately 7-8 episodes just like the previous season and each episode will have an approximate runtime of 49 minutes.

3 % Season 1 Release DateNovember 25, 2016
3 % Season 2 Release DateApril 27, 2018
3 % Season 3 Release DateJune 7, 2019
3 % Season 4 Release DateAugust 14, 2020
3 % Season 5 Release DateAlmost Canceled
3 % Season 5 Release Date


3 % Season 4 Recap

The show is mainly based on the future of the Brazilian country, however, the dates aren’t quite specified to us, but the er is completely different, where the world has seen a great apocalyptic stage and is suffering from utter poverty. Now, only a few people from this cursed environment can move to a privileged and more blessed environment, where there is very less poverty and a much bright future for their upcoming generations. Now to get to that society they have to go through a “process” which is full of struggles and breaks down a person completely before they pass the process. Only 3% of the total number of candidates move on to the next world, while the failed candidates are eliminated from the process, however, some also may end up dying.

3% Season 5 Trailer

3 % Season 5 Release Date

As we know there haven’t been any updates regarding the fifth season of the show, and it can be considered cancelled, we haven’t also received a trailer for season 5 of the show. However, the trailers for the previous season of the show are available on YouTube. To know more about the show, the audience can surely check it out.

Where To Watch 3% Online?

The show is a completely Netflix original series and that is why the streaming rights to the show are only available on the Netflix streaming platform. All 4 seasons of the show are available there.