Is Ultraman An Anime? The Answer Is Here!

Ultraman is a superhero science fiction TV series developed by Eiji Tsuburaya and Tetsuo Kinjo. It started airing on July 17, 1966, to
On April 9, 1967, there were 39 episodes, each lasting 24 minutes. When the series first came out, it took the world by storm. The series was a massive hit among 90s kids, and no kid of that generation was clueless about the characters. Those who did not watch the series also knew about the characters and their massive popularity in that era.

The characters and their merchandise were immensely popular not just in Asia but all over the world. Every 90s kid wanted to have at least one Ultraman merchandise. Eventually, in the 1980s, Ultraman became the world’s third top-selling licensed character because everyone was crazy about Ultraman. It was one of the most beloved characters during that time. Ultraman was an icon for kids in the 90s and it still is. Genz kids may be unaware of its popularity, but Ultraman had a time of its own and it received immense love during that time. The era has changed. Ultraman was once the most beloved character, but the superhero craze has not died even now and The Avengers is a good example of the same.

Is Ultraman An Anime?

Is Ultraman An Anime

People often get confused if Ultraman is just a character, an animation, or an anime. Few people don’t even know that anime still used to exist during the 80s and Ultraman also existed in the anime world. Ultraman is a Nippon Sunrise Studio production and Japanese anime TV series that was released on April 4, 1979, Directed by Hisayuki Toriumi and Takeyuki Kanda, it used to air on TBS every Wednesday at 7:00 PM from April 4, 1979, to March 26, 1980.
If you were unaware of this till now, then you are not the only one to do so. Many people were unaware of this until the series got an anime adaptation in 2019. People became interested in knowing more about the entire franchise: the series, anime adaptation, manga, and movies.

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Ultraman Story

When the earth is threatened by alien invasion and monsters, the anime series follows the story of superheroes who protect the people. The anime series begins with the introduction of EGG3, a self-defense space station in charge of the universe’s development and the protection of Earth from other planets. One day, suddenly, a bright light covers the entire earth while mysterious letters start appearing in the sky in Tokyo, but even the computers could not detect these weird letters.

The defense army starts preparing to defend each zone on earth, and EGG3 member Hikari prepares to leave for earth. On his way to earth, his spaceship hits a bolt of weird lightning. He then travels to a lightning world where he meets Ultraman for the first time. Ultraman warns Hikari about the earth’s critical condition and informs him that something bad is about to happen on earth. He tells him that they tried to give them warnings by making the letters appear in the sky and that a bolt of lightning was also a signal.

He tells Hikari that he needs to go on earth and he will borrow his body for the same. When Hikari questions him, “Why does he need his body?”, he answers that the peace of the universe, including earth, depends on him and his body will allow him to stay on earth. As Ultraman predicted, weird monsters take over the earth. Hikari places the beam flasher on his forehead to turn himself into Ultraman as he fights aliens and monsters to defend the earth from these monsters.

Ultraman Characters

Shinjiro Hayata, voiced by Ryohei Kimura, Takuya Eguchi, voiced by Megumi Han, and Seiji Hokuto, voiced by Megumi Han, are among the many interesting characters in Ultraman. Ultraman is voiced by Josh Hutcherson. In the 80s anime series, the characters are as follows: Tetsuo Akiyama, voiced by Kinya Morikawa, Daisuke Gondo, voiced by Hidekatsu Shibata, Kei Marume, voiced by Shingo Kanemoto, Hiroaki Tobe, voiced by Masanari Nihei, Mutsumi Hoshikawa, voiced by Sumi Shimamoto, and Chouichirou Hikari,
voiced by Kei Tomiyama.

Where To Watch Ultraman?

Ultraman anime series is streaming on Netflix.

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