When Will Are You The One Season 9 Be Announced?

Love watching dating and love shows? So, here is the news for the lovers of this genre. Are You The One is an American reality dating television show. Presented by Ryan Devlin and Terrence, it got released under the production of Lighthearted Entertainment and focuses on the young singles to find their everlasting love, including the LGBT people too. Finding that one “perfect match” is the show’s target, and when accomplished, the couple got the prize money.

Are You The One Season 9 Release Date

Are You The One Season 9 Release Date

Season 1 premiered on January 21, 2014, and ran till March 25, 2014. Season 2 ran from October 6, 2014, to December 8, 2014, season 3 from September 24, 2015, to November 18, 2015, season 4 ran from June 13, 2016, to August 22, 2016, with season 5 from January 11, 2017, to March 3, 2017. Season 6 began airing on September 20, 2017, and wrapped up on December 6, 2017, with season 7 running from August 15, 2018, to November 7, 2018, and season 8 from June 26, 2019, to September 9, 2018. The first five seasons had 10 episodes each, with season 6 and Season 8 having 12 episodes each, and season 7 concluded with 14 episodes.

The fans might think about the further installments it can have, but hold on, and check the news further to predict anything. The last episode aired in 2018, and since after COVID hit the lives of people, there are no whereabouts of the series. As of now, the makers and the network is planning to resume the series in 2022, and can probably make an announcement soon. But till then, the audience has to wait for some time more.

Are You The One Season 1 Release DateJanuary 21, 2014
Are You The One Season 2 Release DateOctober 6, 2014
Are You The One Season 3 Release DateSeptember 24, 2015
Are You The One Season 4 Release DateJune 13, 2016
Are You The One Season 5 Release DateJanuary 11, 2017
Are You The One Season 6 Release DateSeptember 20, 2017
Are You The One Season 7 Release DateAugust 15, 2018
Are You The One Season 8 Release DateJune 26, 2019
Are You The One Season 9 Release DateNot Announced
Are You The One Season 9 Release Date

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Are You The One Season 9 Story

Ok, so what makes this show so special from any other dating show or series that the viewers must watch. Well, the game of the show starts with the secretly pairing of men and women into couples by the producers via a matchmaking algorithm. These individuals are sent to a beautiful remote location to find the perfect match by going through a series of challenges, games, and tasks both emotionally and physically. Every week 3 or 4 couples who are the winners of the said challenge are rewarded with a special date and, out of these, one will be voted into the Truth Booth to see if they are a perfect match or not. If yes, then they will be sent for the Honeymoon Suite, and if not, they will be sent back into the dating pool. To win the show, one couple must reach the goal of 10 perfect matches.

Every season comes up with different tasks and games but the thing which is common in the show is Truth Booth and the Matchup Ceremony. Every season has grand prize money for the winner, and it got reduced from season 3. This is the first exclusive dating show to introduce the LGBT community and sexually-oriented persons.

Are You The One Season 9 Cast

Are You The One Season 9 Release Date

Every season casts 20 men and women to find their perfect match. The male cast includes Adam Kuhn, Chris Scali, Alex Philips, Tyler Pratt, Zac Longo, Tyler Johnson, Asaf Goren, Tyler Norman, Andre Siemers, Joey Amoia, Anthony Martin, David Shad, Brett Ferri, and Lewis Belt with many others. The female cast includes Amber Lee, Kayla Lusby, Ashley Hall, Paris Eike, Amanda Garcia, Julia Rose, Tori Deal, Alicia Wright, Kam Williams, Jada Allen, Zoe Pugh, Asia Woodley, and Kenya Scott with many others. Ryan Devlin hosted the show for the first five seasons and Terrence hosted the remaining two seasons.

Are You The One Season 9 Trailer

Watch the official trailer of the series and conclude who is your favorite one. As the amazing chemistry and love blossoms in the air, so will the next season. The viewers can hope for the best.

Where To Watch Are You The One Season 9 Online?

The first 8 seasons were released on MTV, and the makers are planning to premiere the ninth season on Paramount+. Its international versions are released on Kanal 4, NT1 and TFX, TVNOW RTL, and TV3 with MTV NL.

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