Win The Wilderness Season 2 Release Date And More!

Win the Wilderness: Alaska is a British television contest created by Twofour in which six British couples battle in a succession of rounds to captivate an elderly couple who own a farmhouse in Denali National Park in Alaska. The competition’s reward is the ownership of Duane and Rena Ose’s Alaskan homestead. In 1982, Duane Ose traveled to the homestead with his 15-year-old son. He professes to be the last homesteader in the United States, having submitted a complaint under the Homestead Act of 1862 in 1986. The Oses handcrafted the residents known as Ose Mountain out of tree trunks gathered in their forest.

Win The Wilderness Season 2 Release Date

Win The Wilderness Season 2 Release Date

Because of the ongoing feud involving Duane Ose and the first season’s victors, Mark Warner, and Emily Padfield, it’s difficult to predict when Season 2 will be available to view. Nevertheless, given the lack of movement in filming a new season thus far, a new season in 2022 is improbable. The multinational premise of “Win the Wilderness” could be an impediment to developing a second season. Because the show is produced by BBC Two, the showrunners sought for British couples to travel overseas and contest for the mansion.

According to The Daily Mail, Season 1 winners Emily and Mark have had difficulty simply traveling to physically retrieve the property they won because of coronavirus travel bans between the United States and the United Kingdom. Trying to organize a new season of “Win the Wilderness” in that atmosphere may prove too difficult for the creators. At this stage, supporters will have to wait for formal confirmation of the latest season.

Win The Wilderness Season 1 Release Date26 January, 2020
Win The Wilderness Season 2 Release DateNot Announced
Win The Wilderness Season 2 Release Date


Win The Wilderness Season 2 Story

Contestants had to gain the support of the pair who constructed the house and resided in it for more than 30 years, Rena Ose and Duane, as well as demonstrate their survival techniques to CJ, an Alaskan wilderness specialist akin to Bear Grylls. Although novel, the notion is rather simple to grasp. Duane and Rena Ose own a property in the Alaskan wilderness about 100 miles from the closest town. So according to Decider, Duane Ose acquired the land on which the house stands in 1985 by trekking out and invoking the Federal Homestead Act of 1862, becoming him the last American to do so.

Nevertheless, due to their worsening condition, the Oses wanted to relocate nearer to properly manned hospitals and opted to give up their home as a prize in a tv show called “Win the Wilderness.” The show went on as scheduled, and the victorious pair, Emily Padfield and Mark Warner winds up owning the house. Unfortunately, Rena Ose died soon after, and Duane Ose decided that he wanted his old property back, as per The Daily Mail.

On a vacation, he fell madly in love with the Alaskan outdoors and never looked back. In 1986, he submitted his homestead application. Rena, a native of Hamilton, Canada, met him through an ad she put asking for someone interested in staying in the Northwest Territories or Alaska. She said that she enjoyed the cold. Her husband thinks she’s settling in nicely to the lifestyle in Redwood Falls.

Win The Wilderness Season 2 Cast

Win The Wilderness Season 2 Release Date

The first season of “Win the Wilderness” recruited six couples from diverse backgrounds and transported them to the Alaskan Wilderness to battle for the deed to the Ose’s home. These featured youthful globe travelers Chris and Tina, academics Laura and  Jerome, childhood lovers Rachel and Matt, and obviously, Season 1 champions Emily and Mark, who are lamb farmers. While every pair on Season 1 had their own narrative, they all possessed a love of the outdoors and a desire to learn how to live in the woods.

Where To Watch Win The Wilderness?

“Win the Wilderness,” a six-part series, will premiere on BBC Two. It which was finally picked up by Netflix for streaming is the type of show where anything that transpired during its creation is almost as interesting as what was captured. It depicts six English spouses competing for the home and five-acre plot of land known as Ose Mountain. It also enables Duane and Rena to tell their experience and assist in the selection of the couple who would also continue on their legacy. According to the terms of their deal with BBC Two, they had to vacate their property by September.