Smother-in-Law Season 2 Release Date Related Updates!

Smother-in-Law is an upcoming Portuguese television sitcom series on Netflix. This American television drama is written and created by Rodrigo Sant’anna and directed by Alex Cabral. This Sitcom of Portugal is set to be released on April 13th, 2022 means this show is not released yet but will going to stream on Netflix from April 13.

Usually, Netflix doesn’t release the episodes of its show on a weekly basis but as far as we know, Smother in Law is going to be a weekly program where episode one will release on April 13. But this could be changed only if Netflix wanted to. Netflix has planned it to be a 10 episode sitcom, that will release on April 13, 2022.

Smother-in-Law Season 2 Release Date

Smother-in-Law Season 2 Release Date

As we have already mentioned that this is an upcoming Portuguese television show on Netflix going to be released on April 13, 2022. As the show hasn’t been released yet it is quite tough to determine the actual release date of the show’s season 2.

First, we need to let the first season to release and then we can determine on the basis of how many stories they left for season 2? Is the response from critics good for the first season? How much audience is loving the show? How many people are watching the show? By all these factors we can guess whether they going to update the show or not.

As of now, all we can say is that, let season one to be released. But if we talk about what the creators wanted, here are some take by Rodrigo Sant’Anna, who is the creator of this show. He told in an interview that, his hope for season one is really high. He also mentioned, “I wanted this sitcom to be more and more because the making is fun and the show itself is fun”.


So, even though they also wanted it to make more seasons but that could only be possible when you, ‘The Audience’, watch the show and respond to them genuinely. Hence, the bottom line is that there are chances for the show to get an update for another season and that all depends on the public’s response. As of now, let the first season release and then we can determine the release date of Smother-in-Law season2.

That’s all updates we have, for now, if we get any further information related to the show’s upcoming seasons, we will make sure to update the page with the newest information.

Smother-in-Law Season 1 Release DateApril 13, 2022
Smother-in-Law Season 2 Release DateNot Announced
Smother-in-Law Season 2 Release Date

Smother-in-Law Season 1 Recap

When the epidemic breaks out, Dona Isadir doesn’t think long and hard about leasing out her apartment in Cachambi, Rio de Janeiro’s North Zone, so she can be closer to her family.

To the surprise of her daughter-in-law, Alice, she decides to move into the home held by her child Carlos near Barra da Tijuca on her own and without notice.

Jonas and Marcia are caught in the middle, while Marinez, the family’s lifelong employee, has a front seat ticket to the fireworks, and we haven’t even addressed the celebrations and BBQs with old Cachambi buddies Fatima and Cezinha.

Smother-in-Law Season 2 Cast

Smother-in-Law Season 2 Release Date

Rodrigo Sant’Anna as Dona Isadir, Rafael Zulu as Carlos, Lidi Lisboa as Alice, Daniela Fontan as Marinez, Ney Lima as Cezinha, Barbara Sut as Marcia and Solange Teixeira as Fatima.

Where to Watch Smother-in-Law?

Smother-in-Law will be available to stream for a worldwide audience from April 13, 2022, when the show will release. So, you can watch this sitcom on Netflix.


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