Is Jimmy Savile Based On A True Story? Know Here!

Today’s series is for those who love documentary ones. Directed by Rowan Deacon, Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story is a British documentary series revolving around the life of Jimmy Savile. Well, the secrets of a big personality are revealed after his death. He first rose to fame with his TV programs, but the nation comes to know the hidden truth later on. The viewers must watch this docuseries.

Is Jimmy Savile Based On A True Story?

Well, after watching the trailer that shows the dark, unseen, and hidden truth of a person that was at one time the big superstar of Britain, the viewers might think if the series is based on a true story or just an imagination. So yes, the series is based on a true story that shows the black, dark, and evil life story of Jimmy Savile. The series comes up with the life story of a man who had kept everyone in the dark for four decades. A total of 400 to 450 allegations were put against him, mostly the sexually harassing cases from the age range of 5 to 75. Everyone was shocked to see his hidden and true identity after watching the trailer and series too.

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Jimmy Savile Story

Is Jimmy Savile Based On A True Story?

The series presents how Jimmy Savile rose to fame and stardom from an unknown name. Starting first as a radio DJ, and then as a TV presenter, he soon rose to fame and gained recognition in Britain. Raising to fame with two of the BBC’s programs, Top of the Pops and the children’s show Jim’ll Fix It, he became the national lover and warrior of the country. With his endless work as a volunteer and for charity for Broadmoor Psychiatric Hospital and Stoke Mandeville Hospital, his connections also became powerful. His connections start from the police to the politicians and the royal family of the country.

Besides his charity and volunteer work, the journalists always try to uncover the hidden truth of his personal life but were unable to expose him due to the powerful connections he had. Although, he was questioned by the police under caution in 2007, not charged, and saved again. He died on October 29, 2011, as a beloved man of the country. His true identity and the scandals were exposed by the ITV channel, although the journalists before this were unable to expose him after gathering enough information for the BBC current affairs program Newsnight because the makers and the producers cancelled the release of the program. After that, the nation comes to know that he was a sex offender, who had sexually abused many, including many big personalities too. Besides this, he had also done many scandals.

Jimmy Savile Cast

Is Jimmy Savile Based On A True Story?

The cast of the series includes media personalities and significant historical figures like Margaret Thatcher, British prime minister, Melvyn Bragg, novelist and television presenter, George Galloway, British politician, and David Cameron, British Prime Minister. The cast also includes many politicians, actors, comedians, TV hosts, and presenters. It also includes the interviews with the colleagues, associates, and victims of Jimmy Savile with many journalists and reporters too.

Jimmy Savile Release Date

The series was released on April 6, 2022, with two episodes of a period of 70 to 90 minutes. The series got good ratings and reviews. It got 7 ratings on IMDb, and people called it the true-crime docuseries which shows the evil face and life of Jimmy Savile. The viewers are shocked to see how a man, who has contributed over $40 million in his entire life can be a monster like this. Till now, the series is received well by the viewers and the audience, and it might gain more views with more episodes.

Where To Watch Jimmy Savile Online?

The two episodic seasons 1 of the series are exclusively available on Netflix. The viewers can enjoy watching it there, and know who the real Jimmy Savile is.

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