Le Chalet Season 2 Renewed Or Canceled?

The Chalet is a six-part French television series produced by Alexis Lecaye and filmed by Camille Bordes-Resnais that debuted on France 2 on March 26, 2018. Netflix broadcasted the program worldwide between 2018 and 2022. Camille Bordes-Resnais and Alexis Lecaye have previously created Les Dames. The first two episodes were shown at the La Rochelle TV Fiction Festival but were deemed too incomprehensible by experts.

As a result, the major network, France 2, demanded revisions to the screenplay. During the summer of 2016, a shooting actually occurred in Chamonix. Were the chalet is located, as well as Bozel and the hamlets of Tincave, La Chenal, and Morez Station. The Pont du Diable, which links Crouzet-Minette and Sainte Anne, largely crumbles in the sequence. Because of these remote locations, the filming of the series was complicated.

Le Chalet Season 2 Release Date

Le Chalet Season 2 Release Date

Neither Netflix nor France 2 have made any announcements concerning season 2 of The Chalet. However, any choice will be made based on watching counts as well as How the Chalet performs on the streaming site. Nevertheless, there seems to be a desire from viewers, who have flocked to Twitter to inquire about the possibility of another season of The Chalet. Season two might arrive as soon as April 2019 if the first run’s premiere is any indication, depending on whether the show is granted permission and when it begins production.

Le Chalet Season 1 Release DateMarch 26, 2018
Le Chalet Season 2 Release DateNot Announced
Le Chalet Season 2 Release Date


Le Chalet Season 1 Recap

The plot switches between two distinct realities separated by 20 years. Jean-Louis Rodier, a Parisian author struggling with writer’s block, chooses to relocate his family to Valmoline, his wife Françoise’s homeland in the Alps. He leases a chalet from Philippe and Florence Personnaz, who also owns the lone bar in the village. The conservative nature of the town, as well as Jean-lack Louis’s development in his second novel, impede the family’s transfer into their new existence.

Jean-Louis risks alienating his wife and seeks relief by embracing Philippe’s sister Muriel, the local barkeep, due to his feelings of worthlessness. Jean-Louis envisions Muriel’s rustic existence as a suitable scenario for his next work. During the same period, Jean-Louis  Julien, and Françoise’s son, meets Alice Bordaz, the daughter of a local carpenter. The other lads in the village, especially Sébastien Genesta, who has unfulfilled emotions for Alice, react with outright hostility. The Rodiers then mysteriously vanish without a trace.

Le Chalet Season 2 Story

Le Chalet Season 2 Release Date

Season one’s terrifying teaser depicted a group of old friends reuniting after many decades for some peace and tranquility at an isolated spot for a summer vacation. The situation immediately goes bad once they cross the bridge, which is wrecked just as they get halfway across it.

A massive boulder inexplicably falls from the mountains and crushes half of the bridge, trapping them for the foreseeable future. Matters don’t get that much smoother when they arrive at their cabin only to discover that nothing is functioning and that there are some peculiar residents who may be trying so hard to keep them captive. Given the two distinct timelines in The Chalet, one occurring in 1997 and the other in 2017, there is potential for season 2. The Chalet, on the other hand, might be a standalone story, and the production may replicate the framework of an anthology series, with a new story written for the second season.

Le Chalet Season 2 Cast

The main cast includes Chloé Lambert as Muriel Personnaz, Philippe Dusseau as Philippe Personnaz, Marc Ruchmann as Manu Laverne. Samantha Markowic as Florence Personnaz, Éric Savin as Étienne Genesta, Blanche Veisberg as Christine Genesta, and Thierry Godard as Alexandre Gossange. Nade Dieu as Mathilde Reynard, Pierre-Benoist Varoclier as Olivier Salvet, Manuel Blanc as Jean-Louis Rodier, and Mia Delmaë as Françoise Rodier.

Pasquale d’Inca as Milou Bordaz, Nicolas Gob as Sébastien Genesta, Max Libert as Sébastien Genesta, Agnès Delachair as Alice Bordaz. The recurring cast includes Louvia Bachelier as Alice Bordaz, Émilie de Preissac as Adèle, Félix Lefèbvre as Julien Rodier. Laura Meunier as Amélie Rodier, Maud Jurez as Maud Dautremer, Arthur Dujardin as Thierry Personnaz, and Eliott Lobrot as Laurent Personnaz.

Where To Watch Le Chalet?

Netflix distributed the series internationally between 2018 and 2022 and is well-known for providing a diverse selection of shows to its subscribers. ‘The Chalet,’ also known as ‘Le Chalet,’ is a French horror thriller featuring components of the crime and slasher genres that will give you shivers. The plot revolves around six friends who had reconnected for a vacation at an isolated Chalet.