Is Jana Gana Mana Based On Real Story? Know It Here!

One of the most anticipated movies of all time is finally its way back to the theatres within mid-2022. Thus the fans of Malayalam entertainment could not be any more excited to count the days. Well among the celebration of seeing everyone’s favorite star, Prithviraj Sukumaran, under the banner of Prithviraj Productions and can easily be referred to as the “biggest film” under this umbrella, a question related to this movie has been a hot topic nowadays. And the question decodes to be: Is Jana Gana Mana based on a real story? Let’s find it out together!

Is Jana Gana Mana Based On Real Story?

Is Jana Gana Mana Based On Real Story

We all know from the trailer and the teaser, that this movie tends to revolve around the life of a person who chose violence when his sibling got killed due to certain circumstances. And by the nature of law, he was thus sent behind the bars. Well, the story starts to turn when the cop was seen to be in face-to-face conversation with him and the trailer ends with a huge note of surprise as the whole police station was found under a bomb blast.

Thus we can find that this movie is based on a fusion of several events that ever happened in global criminological history yet with a pinch of fiction in it to increase the factor of interest in the movie. Taking deep thoughts in this script one may find its roots indication towards the dangerous bomb blastings at Russell Street and would any day refer to several Indian chaotic situations that made the life of common men as well as policemen miserable.


Jana Gana Mana Story

Now talking about the plot of the Malayalam movie called Jana Gana Mana is no doubt the story of every Indian as its title decodes the national anthem of India. It depicts the circle of life of every civilian who once lost their near ad dear and gets furious for the revenge and may sometimes end up wearing handcuffs. This also portrays the ups and downs of those who serve their life for the country as policemen. Hence the movie creates a bridge between the law-maker and the law-breaker. 

Jana Gana Mana Cast

There is no doubt the movie called Jana Gana Mana is a definite anecdote of some of the biggest names in the Malayalam entertainment industries. First and foremost Prithviraj Sukumaran was seen to portray Abbas Jafar Adeni who is basically an eminent business actuary and later turned criminal law enforcer, Suraj Venjaramoodu was seen to be acting by the name of ACP Sajan Kumar who by profession is an  I.P.S officer serving for Karnataka Police, whereas Mamta Mohandas caught the limelight as Prof. Zaina Sulthana, Sri Divya was seen in the shoes of Tahirah, Abbas’s sibling, Fathima Beevi, Abbas’s mother was seen to be portrayed by Shari, Shammi Thilakan was acting as Vincent Isaacs, Raja Krishnamoorthy was starred as I.G. Jayavardhan Shetty. 

Moreover,  Dhruvan was seen to be Yedhukrishnan, similarly Hari Krishnan as Bharath, Vincy Aloshious and  Midhun as Nandakishore Bhatt as Miriam who was a few prominent college students, Durai Moopanar was given justice by Pasupathuraj, Vinod Sagar deserved the light as Prof. Francis Nadar and presence of Azhagam Perumal as Kamaraj was just the cherry on the top. The work of Dijo Jose Antony as the director and Sharis Mohammed as the writer of this movie would any day be considered to be one of the greatest works done by them.

Jana Gana Mana Release Date

Is Jana Gana Mana Based On Real Story?

Well if you are a big fan of Prithviraj Sukumaran, you must know that it is just a matter of a few weeks as the official premier is going to materialize as soon as the 28th of April. All of us could be on cloud nine to eagerly wait for that day to finally arrive.

Jana Gana Mana Trailer 

The official trailer of the movie was released on Youtube under the umbrella channel of Magic frames on 31st March and gave us the clear vision that the movie, Jana Gana Mana will be available in our theatres on and from the 28th of April. Although it has been nearly one year since the official teaser was released but the epidemic of Covid19 affected the delay of screening.

Where Can You Watch Jana Gana Mana?

The upcoming blockbuster movie called Jana Gana Mana will be available in every theater in Karnataka and selective halls would be reflecting the movie all over India and even overseas under the umbrella of Prithviraj Productions and Magic Frames. No such announcement has been found about the OTT release of this movie.