Will Flowers Season 3 Release Date Show Up Soon?

Revolving into a family comedy-drama, Flowers is a British black sitcom written and directed by Will Sharpe. Released under the production of Kudos and Seeso, the series just doesn’t revolve around a particular family drama story, but it comes up with something interesting and unique, which will just amaze the viewers.

Flowers Season 3 Release Date

Flowers Season 3 Release Date

Season 1 ran from April 25, 2016, to April 29, 2016, with season 2 which aired from June 11, 2018, to June 15, 2018. It got 8.1 ratings on IMDb and a full 100 % on Rotten Tomatoes. Liked by 80 % of people too, the series has gained positive comments and praise. The idea of the story is liked by many, claimed one of the best, and is based on a different concept. It is not a merely family drama, but it shows the mix-up of love, emotions, tragedy, and everything.

After the big hits for two seasons, the viewers are hoping for its season 3. Will there be a season 3 or not? After looking at the data and the source material, it seems that the series will not be renewed for the next one. The writer too had claimed in the press that he is not in a choice for more seasons, and as he wrapped up all the things in both seasons, it is pretty clear that season 3 will not renew. But, as he did not say more about it, it is not sure that he will do the same thing he said. Well, the viewers have to wait for some time more for an official announcement though.

Flowers Season 1 Release DateApril 25, 2016
Flowers Season 2 Release DateJune 11, 2018
Flowers Season 3 Release DateNot Announced
Flowers Season 3 Release Date

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Flowers Season 3 Story

The Flowers family is a hustle and a bustle with every member having his/her problems and desire. Maurice is the author of a series of rhyming books for children while dealing with a strange relationship with her Japanese assistant Shun. His wife Deborah is a music teacher who teaches at home. She can’t get her husband to take any interest in her, which results in a clash between two neighbors, George and Barry. Stunted twins Amy and Donald of the family are still living in the home, and in their childish world, assuming situations and scenarios with dealing with them. They both have crushes on their neighbor girl, Abigail. Hattie is Maurice’s mother, suffering from dementia.

Season 1 explores the mental depression of Maurice and his relationship with his wife. It is not as easy as it seems to be. No one talked with each other about anything, which resulted in a gloomy environment. While season 1 deals with Maurice’s depression, season 2 is more focused on Amy’s manic behavior. The viewers, after watching the series relate to their life, cleaning that Flowers, practically shows the behavior, nature, and mental ability of the people of Britain. The stars also found it a bit difficult to portray their roles, especially Sophia Di Martino and Julian Barratt.

Flowers Season 3 Cast

Flowers Season 3 Release Date

The cast of previous seasons was raw and bright, but interesting too. It included Olivia Colman as Deborah Flowers, Julian Barratt as Maurice Flowers, Will Sharpe as Shun, Colin Hurley as Barry, Daniel Rigby as Donald Flowers with Sophia Di Martino as Amy Flowers, and Leila Hoffman as Hattie Flowers. It also starred Georgina Campbell as Abigail, Angus Wright as George Helen Cripps as Matilda, Desiree Akhavan as Carol with Harriet Walter as Hylda. The stars did a great job in portraying their every role. But, it is not decided yet who will appear in season 3, if it gets renewed sometime. Till now, it is canceled until any official announcement comes.

Flowers Season 3 Trailer

Ok so, the viewers can watch the official trailer, as there is no trailer for season 3 until it comes. Well, this is more of a practical series on mental health rather than just a normal family drama, so it is recommended that the viewers should watch it once.

Where To Watch Flowers Season 3 Online?

The series is originally released on the British broadcaster Channel 4, in association with the American TV streaming service Seeso. Well, good for the people of both countries, as they can access all the episodes of the series. But, for season 3, they will have to wait for a little.

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