When Will Season 2 Of Johnny Hallyday: Beyond Rock Be Released?

Celebrities have always had a sense of mystery around them. People are interested in their lives and want to know what’s happening. Singers like Michael Jackson and royals like Princess Diana have always been surrounded by various conjectures and speculations. Fans often put celebrities on a pedestal which makes them even more inquisitive and voyeuristic about their lives. The case of Johnny Hallyday is similar. Johnny is a rock-and-roll singer based in France. He has had a life full of turns and it only adds to the intrigue.

Johnny Hallyday: Beyond Rock is a documentary series that features the singer narrating the story of his life. The series has a total of 5 episodes. Each episode has a runtime of around 40 minutes. Johnny Hallyday has an IMDb rating of 7 out of 10. The series depicts the life and career of the singer through a rich archival collection of interviews and films. The series starts with an episode titled “The Myth.” Critics and fans have appreciated the series. It is receiving a lot of love for its portrayal of the singer’s life. The success of the first season has also pushed the conversation of a probable season 2.

Johnny Hallyday: Beyond Rock Season 2 Release Date

Johnny Hallyday: Beyond Rock Season 2 Release Date

The first episode of Johnny Hallyday: Beyond Rock was released on the 29th of March 2022. As fans are well versed, Netflix doesn’t announce the renewal of seasons unless the reviews come in. This is also the case with this series. However, the positive reviews have ensured that the makers will most probably go ahead with another season. The singer had an illustrious career until he died in 2017. So even though there’s not much left to cover. The makers can surely go ahead with this style of making biographical documentaries as fans are liking it.

Johnny Hallyday: Beyond Rock Season 1 Release Date29 March 2022
Johnny Hallyday: Beyond Rock Season 2 Release DateNot Announced
Johnny Hallyday: Beyond Rock Season 2 Release Date

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Johnny Hallyday: Beyond Rock Season 2 Story

Like any human, Hallyday has seen and experienced various setbacks and positive moments in his life. He has the experience and it shows in his work. The singer was born on 15th June 1943. His real name was Jean-Philippe Léo Smet. Amongst the several accolades to his name, he is known for bringing back the rock-and-roll music era in France. He is popularly known and referred to by his stage name. The singer died at the age of 74 and had four children. Hallyday has to his credit an amazingly successful career. His debut was at the ripe age of 17 with a single named “Laisse les filles.” “Hello Johnny,” his first album was also released in the same year. It is no short of a miracle to have a career as successful as the singer and maintain the sanity of one’s personal life. Often success in one field of life comes with a compromise in another.

Amongst the many adversities that have been a part of the pop star’s life, his harshest times have been in the eyes of the public. The public has witnessed 4 of his divorces, a dangerous motorbike accident, and two suicide attempts. His life has been a tough journey and yet he showed immense resilience till his last breath. In that way and many others, Johnny has been a true source of inspiration. Amidst his singing career, he also served the army for a considerable period. Hallyday started his career at a very young age. This made him develop a skillset way ahead of his colleagues. Even though it was fairly common for kids to start careers and drop out of school. Even in India, singers like Lata Mangeshkar and actors like Sridevi and Rekha have been in their respective fields since childhood. Of course, this also puts them at risk of losing innocence and crucial years of growth and fun. Come to think of it the concept of child professionals is flawed and should be reprimanded at the earliest.

Johnny Hallyday: Beyond Rock Season 2 Cast

Johnny Hallyday: Beyond Rock Season 2 Release Date

The biographical documentary portrays Hallyday’s life through old interviews. It gives us a peek into what his life and career were like. It allows fans to reconnect with their life star.

Where To Watch Johnny Hallyday: Beyond Rock Online?

Johnny Hallyday: Beyond Rock is available for streaming on Netflix.

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