Fugitiva Season 2 Release Date Confirmed Or Cancelled?

Fugitiva is a Spanish Thriller drama television series about a woman named Magda who devised a scheme to kidnap herself in an attempt to dodge and protect her family from their husband’s adversaries. This Spanish drama, presented by RTVE and Grupo Ganga, is set in Mexico and Spain. Fugitive Season was developed by Joaquin Oristrell and features Paz Vega, Julio Bracho, and Arantza Ruiz.  Fugitive first aired on La 1’s flagship Spanish television channel in 2018. This season has a runtime of 70 minutes and a total of 9 episodes in season 1. It is about the unselfish sacrifices made by a mother for her children. Oristrell’s commitment to the story, which has been described as “depth and captivating,” is noteworthy.

Fugitiva Season 2 Release Date

Fugitiva Season 2 Release Date

Fugitive’s first season premiered on RTVE‘s La 1 channel on April 5, 2018. Season 1 lasted till June 7, 2018, with a total of 9 episodes. Season 2 of Fugitiva has not yet been confirmed by the series’ official channel. The latest season is entirely dependent on the authors, cast members, and ratings and reviews from the previous season. On November 23, 2018, Netflix released all of the episodes of Fugitiva Season 1 so that you could watch the show whenever you wanted. The authorized channel of the program, meanwhile, has yet to officially announce season 2.

Fugitiva Season 1 Release DateApril 5, 2018
Fugitiva Season 2 Release DateNot Announced
Fugitiva Season 2 Release Date


Fugitiva Season 2 Story

The tale of Fugitiva Season centers around a mother named Magda who devised a scheme to stage a kidnapping of her and her children in order to protect and eliminate her husband’s adversaries. The story is told in an unconventional style by Joaquin Oristrell, who developed an international drama. In this episode, we witnessed how a woman faced with threats from her husband’s adversaries devised a smart scheme to defend and save her family by impersonating an abduction. The Fugitive season revolves around a family who devised a scheme to flee risky conditions.

Magda is a mother of three children, Paulina, Claudia, and Ruben, who are two twin sisters and one younger brother. Magda’s spouse, Alejandro Guzmán Estrada, frequently receives harassing phone calls and films of abduction. Ruben, his son, was damn near killed in an incident in which a bomb was hidden in his automobile. Frightened by the bomb accident in his car and the menacing calls received by him and his family, Magda consults with her husband and chooses to consult with her husband about an evacuation plan. Alejandro is aware of who is phoning him and with whom he has conducted business. She not only devises a plan to flee that location, but she also understands how to save her family. Fugitiva is a wonderfully intriguing series, according to Daniel Hart, that depicts the ideal mother’s commitment to safeguarding herself and her family’s well-being amid difficult situations.

Fugitiva Season 2 Cast

Fugitiva Season 2 Release Date

Fugitiva stars the main actor: Paz Vega as the primary protagonist ‘Magda,’ a mother of three children. Julio Bracho appears in the character of Alejandro, the spouse. Arantza Ruiz plays Paulina, one of Magda’s twin girls. Claudia, one of Magda’s two kids, is played by Luisa Rubino. Edu is played by Lander Otaola. Ivan Pellicer plays Ruben, while Jose Manuel Poga plays Tobias. The rest of the group includes Sebastian Montecino as Ricardo and Mercedes Sampietro as Nova.

Where To Watch Fugitiva?

The show’s Netflix summary reads as follows: To protect her children from her very affluent husband and his vicious adversaries, a domestic violence victim devises an intricate hoax. Season 1 of the series Fugitiva is available on streaming services like Netflix and RTVE.

Fugitiva Reviews

Instead of just fleeing her abusive spouse, a woman lies that she and her children have been kidnapped in order to try and make a clean escape. By the end of the first episode, Magda’s children believe Alejandro is involved in the kidnapping, but he has no idea, which is part of what has made this scenario so intriguing. As Alejandro searches for his family, Magda will make additional attempts to keep them apart from him, and her son and daughters will eventually uncover the truth. Nevertheless, Alejandro’s reaction to the first episode is a touch slow, as all he can do is gaze wide-eyed at his phone and gawk at a pretty obviously-placed lipstick camera filming his actions at the track. When we switch to Alejandro, the pace of the first episode drops, making everyone want to return to Magda and her children.