El Vato Season 3 Release Date, Cast, And Story Updates!

El Vato is a biographical television program of America made by Endemol Shine North America and Boomdog Films for NBC Universo, based on the life of Mexican singer El Dasa. The tale follows Mexican musician El Vato and his buddies as they seek to prevail in Los Angeles, California’s tricky and enticing musical world. Ricardo Polanco, El Dasa, Cristina Rodlo, and Gustavo Egelhaaf, star in the series. The very 1st season of the show aired on Telemundo and NBC Universal at the same time.

NBC Universo revived the show for a season 2 on May 19, 2016, and it aired on 27th August 2017.

El Vato television program is created by Jorge Dorantes and Directed by Javier Solar for NBC Universo. The screenplay of this show was written by Jose Ramon Menendez, Ana Sofia Clerici, Jose Miguel Nunez, and Augusto Mendoza.

Patricia Morales Galindo, Alenjandro Rincon, Bilai Joa Silar, Sergio Lazarov, Marcel Ferrer, Margie Moreno, and Sergio Guerrero are executive producers of the show.

As of now, the show has released 2 seasons with a total of 23 episodes and each episode of the show is 40 to 43 minutes long.

El Vato Season 3 Release Date

El Vato Season 3 Release Date

The first two seasons of the show did pretty well on television, fans loved the show, and critics respond with positive reviews even after that NBC Universo canceled the show after 2 successful seasons.

This news is official and confirmed, that the show is canceled and 3rd season of the show is not going to happen. Fans are very disappointed after the news came out, and the creators of the show too. However, Jorge Dorantes, who is the creator of the show told in a recent interview that he has many plans for the show and he is in the search of a new broadcasting partner to revive the show for another season.

But there are very tough chances for this to happen because most of the time when a show changes its broadcasting partners, the new partner demands for the show to start with a new beginning. Let’s see what will happen, until then, that is all the news we have got, for now if we get any further updates related to the show’s revival, we will make sure to update the page with the newest info. As of now, the show is canceled and not going to update the show for its third season.

El Vato Season 1 Release DateApril 17, 2016
El Vato Season 2 Release DateAugust 27, 2017[
El Vato Season 3 Release DateCanceled
El Vato Season 3 Release Date


El Vato Season 1 Story

El Vato offers you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to view the next good song that will catapult you to fame, but in exchange, you must leave your quiet existence in Sonora to live in the big lights of Los Angeles and struggle to stay focused amidst the city’s many temptations. It’s either jump to fame or go home for El Vato.

El Vato Season 2 Recap

El Vato and his buddies continue struggling for their aspirations in Los Angeles in quest of a coveted slot in the Local Mexican music business in this fictional drama inspired by Local Mexican artist El Dasa’s extraordinary true story.

so, El Vato understands he is trapped after accepting a contract. His contract was only signed by Lolo Lozada to keep him from contending with other ‘norteo’ singers on his record label. Mariana and ‘El Pollo’ will join him on his escapades as usual, but the road to success will not be simple.

Now, he will have to deal with people who wish to bring him down, cope with new love relationships, and do the unthinkable to keep his friendship with his pals moving ahead.

El Vato Season 3 Cast

El Vato Season 3 Release Date

El Dasa as Miguel Cisneros / El Vato, Cristina Rodlo as Mariana Gaxiola, Mauricio Isaac as Germán Lozada, Giancarlo Vidrio as Joey, Gustavo Egelhaaf as El Pollo, Ricardo Polanco as Brandon, Itatí Cantoral as Wendy Lozada, Mauricio Martínez as Marcos Gutiérrez, Luz Ramos as Roxana Sotomayor, Antonio de la Vega as Leandro León, Sebastián Ferrat as Filiberto Cisneros, Horacio Castelo as Daniel “Lolo” Lozada, Arcelia Ramírez as Doña Eli, Mónica Dionne as Jackie, Patricio Sebastián as El Vato child, Leonardo Daniel as Emiliano Galeana, Alejandro, Calva as Don Jesús “Chucho” Durán, and José María de Tavira as Rogelio Galeana.

Where to Watch El Vato?

El Vato is currently available on Netflix.