Green Mothers’ Club Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Story & More!

Are you obsessed with Korean Drama? Well, then you must be familiar with one of the most famous new aged dramas dealing with several kinds of mothers we see today and many more. Well, to be precise the first season of it has gained a vast fanbase who are now counting the days for the second season. Produced under the umbrella of JTBC Studio is surely a pleasure to watch for many of us. The friendly feud between the mothers is an evergreen issue but the picturization of it in a newer approach has made it unique.

Green Mothers’ Club Season 2 Release Date

Green Mothers’ Club season 2 Release Date

The first season of the series called was released on the 6th of April in the year 2022. It is still found to be a very popular running Web Show. Yet the plot design and characters made society think that they have way more to give us than just sixteen episodes.

Thus the second season of this series would be one of the most anticipated gifts for its fanbase. But till today, no such information of official announcement of renewal has been done by any of the trusted sources, so we can do nothing but hope that the second season would reach us by the middle of next year.

Green Mothers’ Club Season 1 Release DateApril 6, 2022
Green Mothers’ Club Season 2 Release DateNot Announced
Green Mothers’ Club Season 2 Release Date


Green Mothers’ Club Season 2 Story

The story of Green Mothers’ Club tends to revolve around the life of five main mothers who gathered together to discuss their children. Though the conversation started well soon they became very competitive to prove that their kids are better than others. This feud hits up and soon after the story was seen to take turns and twists and ultimately ends up being with a hint of curiosity in the minds of the viewers for which they do want to have the second season where it could say more about the friendly yet competitive nature of the mothers yet in a very unique way.

Green Mothers’ Club Season 2 Cast

The cast list of this movie is easily an anecdote of some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry of Asia. Well, organized thoroughly, the casts can be distinguished as main characters, the one who is supporting, and the cluster of casts working togetherly as a family. Looking into the names of the main characters, one would see incredible artists’ names, and in the inaugural season, the list would include.

Lee Yo-won is Lee Eun-Pyo who belongs to a highly educated family and has done French studies, whereas  Choo Ja-Hyun was seen to be Byun Chun-hee and indeed the very powerful mother of popular and an expert in beauty Kim Gyu-Ri as Seo Jin-ha, the one with a handsome foreign husband and immensely god gifted son, yet have controversial friends and rivals. Next comes in line, Jang Hye-Jin as Kim Young-mi who is more of a mother with strict moral values like ​​the emotional connection with her child. Joo Min-Kyung as Park Yun-Joo, who is related to Lee Eun-Pyo and more of a good for nothing kind of person.

Now in support one can list prominent names like-Choi Jae-rim as Jung Jae-Woong, who is the spouse of Eun Pyo, Jung Chi-Yul as Jung Dong-Seok, and Jae Woong’s son, Eun-Pyo. Because he was busy with school and had never met another mother in kindergarten, he Neglected to compare and understand the status of the same person, TBA as Jung Dong-Joo. Moreover one can find, Choi Deok-moon as Kim Joo-Seok, TBA as Kim Young-bin, Joo Ye-rin as Kim Yu-bin, Choi Gwang-rok as Louis Bunuel, TBA as Henry Bunuel, and many more who worked together to make the first season a remarkable one and would surely make the second one an epic season.

Green Mothers’ Club Season 2 Trailer

Green Mothers’ Club season 2 Release Date

No official date has been announced about the trailer release of Green Mothers’ Club season 2, but at the edge of season one and expecting the second season to be as early as possible, we could hope to see some sneak peeks by the end of this year.

Where To Watch Green Mothers’ Club Season 2?

The second season is hoped to follow the pathway of the initial one and get premiered on JTBC probably on Wednesday and Thursday at 22:30 KST as well as on Netflix.