Children Of Adam Season 2 Release Date Expectations!

Children of Adam is a 30 episode Lebanese romance action television series that premiered on 20 April 2020, on the streaming platform Netflix, the series is released in the Arabic language with English subtitles. The plot revolves around the conflict between good and evil interspersed with many issues, including the world of the mafia, drugs, corruption, and the judiciary it tells the story of Judge Dima, who is married to the journalist Ghassan, who conveys the demands of the world in his program in secret he is an opportunist who applies the opposite of what he says on the screen. The series was written by Ramy Koussa and directed by Al Laith Hajo, starring Maguy Bou Ghosn and Daniella Rahme in lead roles.

Lebanese series is pretty underrated in comparison to other foreign series, but after the premiere of Children of Adam on Netflix, it seems like we can expect to see more Lebanese series on the streaming platform. The series has received a rating of 7.8 on IMDB, Lebanese series have been taking over Netflix in the last past few years, and Children of Adam is just an addition.

Children Of Adam Season 2 Release Date

Children of Adam was released on April 24, 2020, its been years but there is no news about season 2 as of yet, the chances of its renewal are vague but since it has not been canceled yet, we can assume that the series might make a come back in the coming years though we are not certain since the makers have not released any statement regarding its cancellation or renewal in the past years if we get any news related to it’s we will inform you.

Children Of Adam Season 2 Release DateApril 24, 2020
Children Of Adam Season 2 Release DateNot Announced
Children Of Adam Season 2 Release Date

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Children Of Adam Season 2 Story

Children of Adam season 1 depicted the story of Dima who works as a judge and is unable to bear any children she accidentally trampled a young boy. Ghassan helped the boy’s mother but he did not know that his wife was the one who killed the boy Dima was shocked after knowing that. Children of Adam retained the dramatic changes and their aesthetic effects on the viewer without any negative impact on the main characters and their radical characteristics that play an important role in society. Judge Dima and her social and legal concerns with her addict brother and other political issues quietly open many closed doors to attract the viewer to their issues and through a dramatic treatment they were divided into several problems that the Lebanese society faces.

The dramatic social change is based on actual social gender and the consequences affected by each event. the entry of Nada Abu Farhat or “Zeina” to prison, the connections that take place in it between the criminal and the policeman, and the dramatic manner each of them points to the negative results that lead it Personal. This is while showing the different aspects of each character, such as the role of the media personality Ghassan and his loss of his son which made him hate women. They use them in forbidden depictions and psychological reflections that were previously addressed in films as a kind of life repetition in societies. The series deals with strong societal issues such as the consumption of drugs, corruption, and a faulty judiciary system that makes the victims fall prey to sources that exploit them and do not give them the justice they deserve, wealthy people do not get the punishment for their deeds while the victim suffers in the dark.

Children of Adam Season 2 Cast

Children of Adam season 2 cast has not been revealed yet Children of Adam season 1 cast includes Basel Khayyat played the role of Aamer, Daniella Rahme played the role of Farah, Bassem Moughnieh played the character of Samie, Dana Mardini played the character of Lina, Talal Jurdi played the character of Jad, Youssef Haddad played the character of Karim, Lisa Debs played the character of Nour, Michel Hourani played the character of Talal, and Samira Baroudi played the character of Sabah.

Where To Watch Children of Adam Season 2?

Children of Adam season 2 has not come out yet viewers can find Children of Adam season 1 on the streaming platform Netflix.

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