Mighty Express Season 7 Release Date, Story, And More!

Spin Master Entertainment and Keith Chapman developed the Canadian CGI-animated children’s tv show Mighty Express. Spin Master Entertainment is producing it in collaboration with Netflix. Atomic Cartoons provides the graphics. It will be available on September 22, 2020.   On February 2, 2021, a 2nd season was published. On April 13, 2021, a 3rd season was published. However, unlike the three previous seasons, which also had ten-minute episodes arranged in their usual ten-minute sections, the episodes from the fourth, fifth, and sixth seasons were arranged back-to-back in half-hour parts with two segments respectively, although being ten minutes long.

Mighty Express Season 7 Release Date

Mighty Express Season 7 Release Date

There has been no assurance from the producers, creative firms, or Netflix on a prospective seventh installment of the series. It really should be emphasized that the program is extremely popular among the younger demographic. ‘Mighty Express’ has published six seasons and two specials in far less than 2 years since its premiere, much to the joy of its admirers. Given the program’s fast track record, we are confident that the seventh installment of this children’s program is distant. Depending on the series’s release schedule, we may estimate that the team will have 2-5 months to put together such a newer version. The 7th installment might release somewhere around 2022 winter or early 2023.

Mighty Express Season 1 Release Date September 22, 2020
Mighty Express Season 2 Release DateFebruary 2, 2021
Mighty Express Season 3 Release DateApril 13, 2021
Mighty Express Season 4 Release DateJuly 27, 2021
Mighty Express Season 5 Release DateOctober 12, 2021
Mighty Express Season 6 Release DateMarch 29, 2022
Mighty Express Season 7 Release DateNot Announced


Mighty Express Season 7 Characters

The main trains involve Freight Nate voiced by Dylan Schombing, Build-It Brock voiced by Tyler Nathan, Mechanic Milo voiced by Leo Orgil, and Farmer Faye voiced by Michela Luci. Peoplemover Penny voiced by Annick Obonsawin, Rescue Red voiced by Evan Lefeuvre, Flicker voiced by Ian Ho, Mandy Mail voiced by Gracen Daly, Tricky Ricky voiced by Christian Campbell. The human characters include Max voiced by Jay Hatton, Nico voiced by Meesha Contreras, Liza voiced by Zoe Hatz, and Sneaky Stella voiced by Shazdeh Kapadia.

Mighty Express Season 7 Story

The show takes place in Tracksville, a town in a world where adult humans apart from Santa Claus do not exist and where youngsters control the platforms and other sites and collaborate on epic adventures with the Mighty Express trains who can talk and are intellectual. The trains each have their very own jobs and responsibilities within Tracksville, as well as their own toolset and freight cars, to aid them in their journeys, ensuring that they always strive to make their hometown a nicer place where railways and human children can coexist in peace and love.

Each episode of ‘Mighty Express’ has its own quest. The children and the trains come together and make their scheduled shipments. They conquer any hurdle in their path by the strength of friendship, commitment, ingenuity, and, of course, collaboration.  With its vibrant colors and intriguing personalities, it’s no surprise that kids enjoy the show so very much. Season 7 of this track-based adventure is expected to maintain the series’ happy- to go- adventures with fresh and intriguing missions for the citizens of Tracksville.

Mighty Express Season 6 Recap

Mighty Express Season 7 Release Date

While enjoying hide and seek, Brock, Milo, and Nico discover the long-lost Great Golden Stagecoach and decide to continue on his Great-delivery. Grandfather’s Red is selected to transport gold bars to the bank. Nevertheless, turmoil follows as a furious Mandy seizes it for herself in order to gain the limelight. Milo and Nico set out to build the biggest domino chain in Tracksville. The delivery, on the other hand, swiftly devolves into anarchy. Faye is tasked with providing a larger rubber ducky as a substitute after Tiny the whale’s favorite rubber ducky gets lost. Regrettably, the size and noise of the duck make delivery quite problematic.

Faye is charged with returning a stowaway monkey to the wild after he comes in a banana cargo intended for Flicker. She, on the other hand, has very little expertise in dealing with monkeys, which becomes an issue when the monkey snatches Skipper’s monkey wrench. When Christmas is imperiled by late letters, an incapacity to create additional toys, and a snowstorm so large that the reindeer can’t fly, the entire Mighty Express crew must chip in. When he becomes unable to assist to the same degree as the other trains, Flicker experiences a confidence crisis, but he may be the crew’s last hope if they are to recapture Mission Station from Tricky Ricky and Sneaky Stella.

Where To Watch Mighty Express?

Take a ride with the Mighty Express, a group of trains and their youngster counterparts who solve problems on the tracks via fast thinking and cooperation. All the seasons of Mighty Express are available on Netflix.