When Will Season 3 Of Name That Tune Release?

Music has a fandom of its own. The way music can weave and narrate beautiful stories is unparalleled. Now imagine if top-notch music joins hands with a fire game. Antakshri has been always been a super popular game amongst audiences of all ages. The game involves singing songs in a competitive manner. So it should be a universally acknowledged fact by now that games and music are a beautiful combination. American origin show, Name That Tune is a TV series that can surely be categorized as a music game show. The show created by Harry Salter also has an older 1974 version other than the recent 2022 version. Harry Salter is an orchestra conductor who has also co-produced the show with his wife, Roberta Semple Salter.

The show is also popularly referred to as The $100,000 Name That Tune. The idea of the show is that songs will be played by an on-stage orchestra or band and contestants will then have to guess the song. The show has been presented by Red Benson, Bill Cullen, George DeWitt, Richard Hayes, Dennis James, Tom Kennedy, Jim Lange, and Jane Krakowski. Each episode of the new version of the show has a runtime of around 42-43 minutes. While the episodes of the older version had a runtime of around 26 minutes.

Name That Tune Season 3 Release Date

Name That Tune Season 3 Release Date

The various seasons of the older versions of the series were broadcast from 1974 to 1985. Another version premiered on NBC Radio Network in 1954. The first season of the new version was released on the 6th of January 2021. It was directed by Peter Ots. On the other, Julian Smith has directed the 2022 version that was released on the 29th of March. The show was acquired by Prestige Entertainment, Eureka Productions, and Fox in November 2020. This primetime version of the show was hosted by Jane Krakowski (actress).

Now that two seasons of the show have been released. Fans are eager to know when will the next season released. As a game show, there is tremendous scope for multiple seasons. However, for producers to put their money on something, conviction is necessary. Conviction is built over time when a show is positively received by audiences. Therefore, any confirmation around the release of season 3 of Name That Tune will be made after some time. It is for sure, though that the makers will go ahead with a renewed season. If everything goes well, Season 3 will surely come soon.

Name That Tune Season 1 Release DateJanuary 6, 2021
Name That Tune Season 2 Release DateMarch 29, 2022
Name That Tune Season 3 Release DateNot Announced
Name That Tune Season 3 Release Date

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Name That Tune Season 3 Story

The primary reason behind the various versions of the show is the fact that music and games have always been an essential part of our lives. Each episode of the new version features 2 games were 4 contestants, 2 in each game, play against each other to win a cash prize. Each game is split into two rounds. There are many interesting rules in the game. For instance, participants are supposed to sing the lyrics in the first round. Except they cannot sing the part of lyrics that is also in the title of the game.

The games of the first round of Name That Tune include ‘By Request’ where contestants are supposed to choose one category out of the six provided to them, ‘On Shuffle’, ‘Remix’d’, ‘Spin Me Round’, and ‘Title Track’. Another game in the first round is called ‘Mixtape’ where the hosts choose a topic and all tunes are fitting to the topic. The show has an IMDb rating of 5.2 out of 10. It makes for an extremely intriguing watch to witness participants contest over guessing the right songs.

Name That Tune Season 3 Cast

Name That Tune Season 3 Release Date

Name That Tune has been narrated by Johnny Olson, John Harlan, and Randy Jackson. The executive producers of the show include Harry Salter, Ralph Edwards, Sandy Frank, Chris Culvenor, Paul Franklin, Ralph Rubenstein, Noah Rubenstein, Janine Cooper, Shane Byrne, and Sean O’Riordan. The cast includes Randy Jackson, Jodie Sweetin, Frankie Muniz, Jojo, Kim Fields, Jana Kramer, Vernon Davis, Kelly Osbourne, Victor Cruz, and Nastia Liukin.

Where To Watch Name That Tune Online?

Name That Tune is available for streaming on the official website of Fox.

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