Will Family Guy Season 21 Release Date Lie In 2023?

Whenever we speak of animated adult series, very few names come to our mind, but one name that always tops the list and is watched by millions of people for its dark humor, adult comedy, and all-time drama is a family guy. Rick and Morty and many more shows can be considered in this list but this show has been the favorite of millions of viewers for years and the storyline it follows is surely worthy of a watch. However, we must always remember this show is completely for adults and no children should be allowed to watch it because of its abusive language use and adult jokes. The show has been running for 20 seasons which just proves how much the show is successful and it has also received an 8.2 IMDb rating which is quite remarkable. The show has also received quite positive remarks from the critics too, with millions of fans all over the world. The show after the release of the 20th season didn’t immediately announce the 21st season of the show and the fans have been anticipating any updates for it since then.

Fortunately, there is a very good piece of news, the show has been renewed not only for the 21st season but there will also be a 22nd season which surely satisfies most of the audience. We haven’t received any thorough updates regarding the release dates of the show yet, but once season 20comes to an end we will start receiving episodes of the following season. For any more updates, the audience will have to wait a little longer and end enjoy the rest of the episodes of season 20.

Family Guy Season 21 Release Date

Family Guy Season 21 Release Date

The show released its first season in the year 1999, and since then the show has been receiving consecutive seasons every year. We receive the 20th season of the show in September of 2021 and it’s still airing and is expected to make its conclusion in the April of 2022. After that there may be a few months’ breaks and then we are all set to receive the 21st season of this show. However, there haven’t been any announcements regarding the release date of the show, based on the pattern of the show it can be expected that the show will make its release in the third quarter of 2022. The 21st season of the show is also expected to have approximately 20 episodes just like the previous season of the show, with each episode having an average runtime of 25 minutes. We have also received certain updates regarding the 22nd season of the show. The release date for season 22 will be in the third quarter of 2023 following the same pattern as that of the previous seasons.

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Family Guy Storyline

The show follows the story of the chaotic family of the griffins living on the fictional Rhode Island, where the main character of the show can be considered peter who is the father of the family, he is clumsy and dumb blue collared worker. The show follows the life of Peter and his relations with his wife, Lois, who comes from a wealthy family, peter, his dumb teenage son (a younger version of peter), meg, a bullied nerdy teenage girl who is often ignored by her own family and then come Stewie, one of the most loved characters in the entire series, who is peter’s infant son, who completely behaves like an adult. The family also consists of a dog who is very much done with the family he is adopted into, we see recurring characters such as quagmire and joe, who are peter’s friends.

The show is funny and full of drama with some random family member doing or saying something funny and roasting the stereotypes of the story. the usage of dark humor along with abusive language is a lot in the show.

Family Guy Season 21 Trailer

Family Guy Season 21 Release Date

As we know season 21 and 22 has been confirmed by the sources for the show, but we still haven’t received any official announcement regarding the release dates and thus we also haven’t received a trailer for season 21 yet. However, the trailer for the previous seasons of the show is available on YouTube.

Where Can We Watch Family Guy?

The show was originally made for the fox channel, and now all the episodes of the show are available on Disney+ Hotstar, Hulu and some of the seasons of the show are available on Netflix in most countries however not on Netflix US or UK.

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