This Way Up Season 3 Release Date Expectations!

This Way Up Season 3 Release Date

One of the most famous British comedy-drama revolves around the life of an  Irish Catholic English teacher Aine, living in London and suffering from a traumatized mental breakdown. It can be referred to as the chronological portrait of her, fighting all odds in the hunt for a stable mental state. But yet another example of a series that pulls out several topics from the grass of society and creates an extraordinary presentation of it. It proudly ran for two seasons on Channel 4, creating a huge fanbase. Initiated and started by Aisling Bea herself, It without a doubt deserves to be at the top stair of entertainment that promotes mental health.

This Way Up Season 3 Release Date

This Way Up Season 3 Release Date

Is there any chance that the fans would get season 3 of This Way Up and if so then when?

The very successful season 2 of this series ended making the biggest question marks, which may be considered as a cliffhanger depicting, the accidental voice note Shona sent to her fiancé, in which she unintentionally confessed to having had an affair with her business partner named Charlotte. And thus the desire of the audience in getting the third season as soon as possible has increased to a sky-high level. Thus we can all say that we are expecting to get the news of season 3 of ‘This way up’ undergoing. The pioneer season, with 6 episodes was first aired on August 8th,2019, and the second season was found on tv consisting of yet another pair of 6 episodes from July,9th,2021. But consequently, due to neither official confirmation of inauguration of this season nor unofficial rumors, the release date of ‘ This way up’ is not yet perceived.

This Way Up Season 1 Release Date8 August 2019
This Way Up Season 2 Release Date9 July 2021
This Way Up Season 3 Release DateNot Confirmed
This Way Up Season 3 Release Date

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This Way Up Season 3 Story

As we found Aina suffering from her toxic breakup and ended up having a really bad mental breakdown, and journeyed along with her on the road of bringing her life back to the right track, we met a lot of different characters like Richard, Shona, Vish, Charlotte, etc. Now with such a dramatic ending of season 2 with  Aina’s recently engaged sister Shona has just shared an unexpected, drunken kiss with her business partner and the accidental voicemail of Shona to Vish, the third season would expectably reflect the consequences of the voicemail, where she inadvertently, confessed of having had an affair with her business partner, Charlotte. Brings the layer of twists along with the complication in the love triangle of Vish, Shona, and Charlotte. It would also frame the progress in the relationship between Aina and Richard along with several twists and turns that would make it as interesting as the last 2 ones.

This Way Up Season 3 Cast

The last two seasons were enriched by eminent actors like Aisling Bea as Aine, the protagonist of the series, Sharon Horgan as Shona, Aine’s sister, Dorian Grover as Etienne depicting Aine’s 14-year-old French pupil, Tobias Menzies as Richard framed to be Aine’s new love interest as well as Etienne’s father, Aasif Mandvi as Vish acting as Shona’s partner, Indira Varma as Charlotte, Shona’s colleague and female love interest, Kadiff Kirwan as Bradley, Aine’s flatmate and many more.

It was also blessed by the guest appearances of personalities like Sorcha Cusack as Eileen, Áine and Shona’s mother, Lou Sanders as Fran, Jeff Mirza as Hari, Soni Razdan as Kavita, Chris Geere as Freddie, Ricky Grover as Tom, Ekow Quartey as James, Pik-Sen Lim as Chien. And the third season is expected to be cast by a galaxy of prominent names along with those maintained above. There is no doubt that this series was very expertly directed by Alex Winckler. The creation of this extraordinary storyline by Aisling Bea along with the help of Sharon Horgan, Tobias Menzies, Aasif Mandvi would definitely make this season worth binging.

This Way Up Season 3 Trailer

This Way Up Season 3 Release Date

The lockdown caused by the Covid 19 epidemic is said to be the reason why the official discussion about the third season is off the table. Hence no such trailer has been released yet.

Where To Watch This Way Up Season 3?

Both the first and second seasons of This way up were found to be on air on Channel 4. Those are also available on a prominent Digital platform named Hulu, and the third season is expected to follow their lead.

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