Is Dasvi Based On A Real Story? Know Here!

Dasvi seals as an iconic movie with the comeback of Abhishek Bacchan indicating that the old horse of 20’s Bollywood is back with a bang. Hence the fans of Bollywood are eagerly waiting for the grand premiere of it on several digital platforms. And so has been one of the most discussed topics since the trailer release. His unapologetic, bold, and distinct portrayal of a Jatt politician named Gangaram Chaudhary is very prominently celebrated by the fans. In addition to that, the presence of eminent acting personalities like Yami Gautam and Nimrat Kaur were without a doubt, the cherry on the cake.

Is Dasvi Based On A Real Story?

Is Dasvi Based On A Real Story?

Well, the answer to it would be an absolute yes!

The protagonist of the story, Gangaram Chaudhary portrayed by Abhishek Bacchan is a less literate politician and a Chief Minister Who went behind the bars due to some reason and found the light of knowledge, seeking which, desired to sit for the 10th board examination. If analyzed properly, one might find the root of this character hidden in the life story of Om Prakash Chautala, former chief minister of Haryana. Hence the movie Dasvi can be referred to as one of the very realistic movies whose plot is based on true events.

The trailer was launched on March 23rd and the response to that was so overwhelmingly loaded with views, likes,, and comments exploding on the internet and it was where we can find Abhishek Bacchan as the face of Gangaram Chaudhury who was arrested as a guilty of corruption case but found the light of seeking knowledge and thus to enrich his own self, attempted to sit for the 10th final board exam showed a very relevant interpretation of the real world. Although being a movie that tells tales of real life, its storyline also includes the obstructions and hurdles that Gangaram had to overcome to enrich himself in the light of knowledge that would have been pretty similar to what Om Prakash went through behind the attention of external media.

Although several twisted plot lines and hints of comedy make the movie more interesting. Such as picturizing the character of Bimala Devi portrayed by Nimrat Kaur, who became Chief minister coincidentally and enjoyed the overall attention so much that she started plotting the ways she can keep her husband from being re-throned as CM. Another interesting twist was the way Yami Gautam cast as IPS Officer Jyoti Deswal acted hard on him and called him uneducated, which ends up opening his third eye that inspired him to erase the title of illiterate politician away from his name was such a game-changer for the movie. Even the funny and witty responses from Gangaram layered another dimension to the movie.

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Where To Watch Dasvi Online?

Digital platforms have enormously prospered due to the pandemic situations and many distinguished, well admired and celebrated movies have been released through the OTT platform. Well, again this movie is not an exception to that! Under the umbrella production of Maddock Films, Jio Studios,, and Bake my Cake Films, this movie can be seen online on two leading OTT platforms named Netflix and JioCinema.

Dasvi Cast

Is Dasvi Based On A Real Story?

The movie is blessed with a galaxy of prominent Bollywood casts. Yami Gautam as IPS Officer Jyoti Deswal couldn’t have been any more appropriate as she made her a lively example of a strong woman. Bimala Devi portrayed by Nimrat Kaur could be a sign of the side of mankind who seeks attention and respect and could go to any extent to secure it, yet her dialect made a slightly chucklesome presence in the movie. Moreover work done by Manu Rishi, Shivankit Singh Parihar as supporting actors was indeed appreciable. The impeccable direction given by Tushar Jalota has well deserved in the limelight. But most importantly the protagonist himself was ruling the screen with both positive and negative shades of his own given justice by Abhishek Bachchan, is unbelievably worthy of the spotlight. Yet there are thousand more names whose immense hard work has resulted in a masterpiece that we all are going to witness.

Dasvi Release Date

The movie with its unique excellence is absolutely ready to set its foot in the market from the 7th of April onwards. However the trailer was launched on March 23rd and the response to that was so overwhelmingly loaded with views, likes,, and comments exploding the internet, which made us very excited for the screening of the actual movie.

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