Is Merry Happy Whatever Season 2 Release Date Here?

Merry Happy Whatever is an American comedy series by Tucker Cawley. The first season of this series premiered on 28 November 2019 on Netflix. It is the result of the collaboration between the production companies Kapital Entertainment, Trill TV, and Netflix. Season 1 of Merry Happy Whatever has a total of 8 episodes. 

The series is directed by Pamela Fryman (4 episodes), Phill Lewis (2 episodes), Betsy Thomas (1 episode), and Gloria Calderón Kellett (1 episode). 

Merry Happy Whatever is the story of the complications and tensions that a family faces in their household during the holiday season. 

Merry Happy Whatever Season 2 Release Date

Merry Happy Whatever Season 2 Release Date

For fans of the show, there is some disappointing news. After a mediocre run with the first season, Merry Happy Whatever was officially canceled via a social media post. The show did have a decent run but not much material was left to work with. 

Merry Happy Whatever Season 1 Release DateNovember 28, 2019
Merry Happy Whatever Season 2 Release DateCanceled
Merry Happy Whatever Season 2 Release Date


Merry Happy Whatever Season 2 Story

The show’s whole premise relied on it taking place during the holiday season. Due to this, there is not much material left to push forward. If they wanted to continue with another season, they could do one as a conclusion after the holiday season or make it centered around another holiday. 

Merry Happy Whatever Season 1 Recap

The show follows the happenings at the Quinn family house during the holiday season. In the opening scene, we see Emmy Quinn returning to her hometown of Philadelphia with her boyfriend, Matt. They are picked up by Emmy’s father in a police car, since he is a policeman, and driven home. Emmy advises Matt to be a little formal at the start until the father gets to know him better. Matt gets to know all the family members, including Emmy’s siblings and their respective spouses as they have all come to visit. Alan, the husband of Emmy’s sister, Kayla, announces they should divorce immediately upon arrival at the house and leaves. Furthermore, as the family consoles Kayla, the two in-laws Todd and Joy, give Matt a heads up about the Quinn family and their traditions. 

Throughout the first season, we see the different traditions of the Quinn family and how there were finally some changes in that particular year. This includes caroling, the football game on Sunday, and decorating the tree. During this time we see Matt try to fit in and impress the Quinn family, especially Don, Emmy’s father, as Matt is a struggling musician. Meanwhile, Joy deals with her own stress while managing her husband, her kids and trying to keep up the Quinn family traditions. Todd also tries to fit in with Don and Sean, his wife Patsy’s father and brother respectively, during the football game.

At one point, Don begins to show interest in a woman named Nancy, who he claims is a friend from work, but only because he does not know how to explain it to them. When Nancy invites Don to watch the game at a bar, Todd begins to panic since that is the same bar that he visits with Joy and Alan to relax and unwind from being a part of the Quinn family. At the same time, Kayla struggles to share something about her identity with the rest of her family. 

Over the course of the episodes, we see that everyone is different in their own way and have varying perspectives. Though he is a man of tradition, we see Don slowly understand that maybe making everyone follow his way is a bit controlling and he learns to accept others the way they are. This is seen in the finale when he makes amends with Matt and requests him to return to Philadelphia and reunite with Emmy. He also supports Kayla, who finally announces to her family that she is gay.  

Merry Happy Whatever Season 2 Cast

The main cast of Merry Happy Whatever includes Dennis Quaid as Don Quinn, Bridgit Mendler as Emmy Quinn, Brent Morin as Matt, Siobhan Murphy as Patsy (Emmy’s sister), Ashley Tisdale as Kayla, Hayes MacArthur as Sean Quinn (Emmy’s brother), Elizabeth Ho as Joy Quinn, Adam Rose as Todd, and Garcelle Beauvais as Nancy. 

Where To Watch Merry Happy Whatever?

Season 1 of Merry Happy Whatever is available to stream on Netflix.