Deltarune Chapter 3 Release Date Is Finally Revealed!

Deltarune Chapter 3 Release Date

Game lovers are always looking for every new release that they can get their hands on, video games are an escape from reality where people find new game mates and enjoy their favorite Action, adventure, mystery, fantasy genre to find an escape from their mundane activity.

The role-playing video game Deltarune is developed by Toby Fox, the game is very similar to Undertale which was released on 15 September 2015 and was also made by Toby Fox. Deltarune follows the story of Kris who enters a dark World with his classmate Susie, there they meet a mysterious prince named Ralsei who tells them they have to save the world from destruction. They go on their journey to save the world but to do so they have to combat different hurdles to keep going.

Toby Fox fans will be happy to know that their favourite role-playing game Deltarune is coming back with chapter 3, the last chapter was released on September 17, 2021, since then till now buzz surrounding Deltarune Chapter 3 have not calmed down and we get it Deltarune is extremely popular among the players even Youtuber lPewDiePie has made a video about the popular games.

Deltarune Chapter 3 Release Date

Deltarune Chapter 3 Release Date

The role Playing games second chapter was released on September 17, 2021. After the arrival of chapter 2 fans had high expectations for chapter 3, the game’s developer Toby Fox has revealed that chapters 3,4 and 5 will be released altogether. This again sparks more curiosity regarding the exact release date of the video game, but unfortunately, Toby Fox has not revealed the exact date yet, since the last chapter was released in 2021 we can expect chapters 3,4 and 5 s arrive by 2023 at the earliest.


Deltarune Story

The game follows the story of the character kris, a human minority and a monster-dominated town who lives in a broken household with his mom, a dad who’s is always busy at work. Kris has no passions or interests except trapping animals. Kris is just like any ordinary kid living the worst life possible, on a particular day he wents to school, where group projects are assigned and Kris is only left to pair with Barney the dinosaur’s daughter the class bully who’s just a victim of her own father’s success. Kris and Barney are asked to get more chalk from the supply closet as punishment for being late but instead, they accidentally stumble into a portal to a different world, a Dark World.

In an attempt to get home, they meet a very mysterious prince who says three of them are part of a great prophecy to save the world from destruction. They’re mission if they choose to accept it to go to the fountain of darkness and blow it up that’s how they can get back home. Before the two light worlder can accept their mission the bad guy named thrasher rolls in a sick flaming bike, after barely surviving the onslaught of basher the mysterious prince reveals himself as Ralsei. They go on their journey to get back home by defeating every kind of hurdle they come across.

Deltarune Chapter 3 Trailer

Deltarune Chapter 3 Release Date

Toby Fox has not released the chapter 3 trailer as of yet, if the developer of the game still follows the same pattern as they did with chapter 2, we won’t be getting the trailer until a few days before the arrival of the game. If the game gets launched on September 2023 we might get to see the trailer a few days before the release which means sometime in September, this is just an assumption do not take it as the actual release date since we are also as clueless as you regarding it’s the release date

Deltarune Chapter 3 Platforms

Deltarune Chapter 1 is now available on macOS, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, but with chapter 2 Toby Fox decided to only make it available on two platforms i.e on Mac and PC. This is done to speed up the developing process of chapters 3,4 and 5 and to release it earlier than the rest two. But we can expect that Deltarune Chapter 3, 4, and 5 will probably be available on Mac and PC, and then Toby Fox might promulgate it to other platforms.



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