When Will Be Prison Playbook Season 2 Release Date Revealed?

Prison Playbook is a 2017 South Korean drama television series directed by Shin Won-ho. Lee Woo-Jung is the mind behind this series and the series writing credits go to Jung Bo-hoon. It premiered on 22 November 2017 on TVN and concluded on 18 January 2018. Season 1 of Prison Playbook consists of 16 episodes in total. At the time of its release, it was one of the highest-rated Korean series on cable. 

The series’s premise is the life of convicts behind bars and their interactions and relationships with each other, their families, and the officers who work at the correctional facility. 

The series won the award for ‘Best New Actor’ (Park Hae-soo) and was also nominated for ‘Best Supporting Actor’ (Park Ho-san) for drama at The Seoul Awards 2018. Prison Playbook was also nominated for ‘Best Drama Series’ at the Asian Television Awards 2018. 

Prison Playbook Season 2 Release Date 

Prison Playbook Season 2 Release Date

After the conclusion of the first season in 2018, no renewal was made for a second season and still has not been made to date. Despite the fan following the show received, the producers never followed up with a new season to this drama series. 

Prison Playbook Season 1 Release Date22 November 2017
Prison Playbook Season 2 Release DateNot Announced
Prison Playbook Season 2 Release Date


Prison Playbook Season 2 Story 

The first season seemed to end on a note that maybe was not all that big and celebratory yet fans found it realistic and genuine. If the show was renewed for a second season, they could show the lives of the inmates as they return back to society and how they cope and readjust. They would have changed and matured but some baggage may still be there and they would need to tend to their families too now, so that could be the material for the second season. 

Prison Playbook Season 1 Recap

 Kim Je-Hyuk is a talented baseball pitcher. He had even received an offer to play in the MLB in the United States. A very simplistic and kind person, Je-Hyuk had his future set out for him. One incident throws everything into disarray. Je-Hyuk is convicted for assault after he chases and has a fight with a man who had tried to take advantage of his sister. There was CCTV footage of the incident and Je-Hyuk had hit him on the head with a trophy in self-defense, resulting in him being booked for assault.

In prison, Kim Je-Hyuk undergoes a simple initiation by his roommates and for the most part gets along with everyone, though some conflicts do take place in the beginning. He is also surprised to find that one of the prison guards is Lee, a close friend of his from high school. Throughout his time in prison, Je-Hyuk builds many friendships. He even takes up a job at the prison woodshop. Je-Hyuk and his inmate friends have a lot of meaningful moments and memories together, from finding ways to talk to someone outside using phone privileges, to practicing rigorously in order to win competitions. Some inmates are released early on in the series and new ones are introduced. Not all the inmates are friendly though, as seen in episode 11 where the newest inmate plots to hurt Je-Hyuk. 

There are many wholesome moments like Looney and Jung-woo arguing like little kids and a group conversation where all the cellmates share details about their past. In the finale, Min Chul is seen being greeted by his daughter and Jean Valjean as he is released from prison. Captain Yoo finally gets the retrial he had been waiting for. Je-Hyuk says a heartfelt goodbye to Jailbird and even to Crony, the man who tried to hurt him. 

The final scene shows Jailbird driving Je-Hyuk someplace and the show concludes. It may not have the big, ‘success story’ finish but nevertheless, it was heartwarming and honest to the fans. 

Prison Playbook Season 2 Cast

Prison Playbook Season 2 Release Date 

The cast of this drama includes Park Hae-soo as Kim Je-Hyuk, Jung Kyung-ho as Lee Joon-ho, Krystal Jung as Kim Ji-ho (Je-Hyuk’s girlfriend), Lim Hwa-young as Kim Je-hee (Je-Hyuk’s younger sister), and Choi Moo-sung as Kim Min-Chul. 

Where To Watch Prison Playbook? 

Season 1 of Prison Playbook is available to watch on Netflix.