Hoops Season 2 Release Date And All Other Updates!

American animated sitcoms have always been loved by audiences all over the world, starting from Rick and Morty, Simpson to the family guy, the list goes on and on. However, this is a new one that could have gone much higher in the list from where it stands now. The hoops are another American animated sitcom that is r rated and can be considered as one of the funniest on the lists. The show is Netflix’s own original sitcom series which could have easily competed with well-reputed series of all time.

We received only a single season of the show and with that only, the show has earned a 6.0 IMDb rating which is quite moderate. The critic’s review is mostly positive though hasn’t treated the how in an exceptional way and considered it like all other sitcoms. The hype the show at first may have been overrated or not, the question still remains to the audience. The show after releasing its first season and making quite good money from it when on a halt.

 Unfortunately, we soon received a piece of news that the Netflix platform has officially discontinued the series and the reasons were not disclosed to us clearly. However, all those fans who were anticipating a new season of the show, shouldn’t be heartbroken as it is quite common for series to often get renewed after discontinuation when new writers take up the show. thus, the fans can just now wait and binge on the first season of the show if they haven’t watched it yet. However, there is also certain news that Netflix is working on another animated sitcom of the same type, though there is no surety for that.

Hoops Season 2 Release Date

Hoops Season 2 Release Date

The first season of the show with a total of 10 episodes came out on the Netflix platform on the 21st of August 2020. the work on the show began in the year 2018 and thus it took nearly two years for the entire writing animation and production process. Each episode of the show has a runtime of approximately 23 to 26 minutes. Like any other sitcom, the series was expected to continue for 6-7 seasons and we believe the makers had the same plan.

However, in December 2020 only, we came to know that the series has been canceled and there will be no more seasons which is quite unsatisfactory to the audience. However, we should always remember that the makers often change their minds regarding various shows even after their cancellation and if the show is decided to continue, the second season will also have approximately 10-15 episodes which each episode having the same runtime as the previous seasons.

Hoops Season 1 Release DateAugust 21, 2020
Hoops Season 2 Release DateCanceled
Hoops Season 2 Release Date


Hoops Season 2 Story

The name of the show is quite suggestive of what the story is all about. Basketball hoops and basketball coach that’s around what the story revolves. The protagonist of the story is ben Hopkins the basketball coach of the Lenwood high school, troubled he is because of the very below-average and short team he is got and his job is at risk when he fails to deliver glory to the school’s team. To the coach’s rescue comes matty, a seven feet tall guy, who after a lot of trouble ends up joining the team.

The entire story is based on how ben continuously tries to bring success to his team and he also expects to get a chance in the major league through his success. While all this goes on, ben is also troubled by his private life, which includes his ex-wife Shanon and his father Barry, who owns a restaurant. There is continuous drama and laughter in the event and the show is absolutely not for children to watch. At the end of the day, this show will surely ease up your mood with all the dumb things ben Hopkin does.

Where Can We Watch Hoops Season 2?

Hoops Season 2 Release Date

As we know hoops is a complete original animated sitcom series on Netflix and thus the series is only available on the Netflix platform. If any continuations are made also the original rights to the series belongs to Netflix.

Hoops Season 2 Trailer

As we know the second season of the hoops has already been canceled and thus we also haven’t received any trailer for season 2 of the show. However, the trailer of the first season of the show is easily available on YouTube.