When To Expect Pivoting Season 2 Release Date?

Pivoting is a fairly new American TV series developed by Liz Astrof. Falling under the ‘comedy’ genre, it is produced by the companies Mama Look, Kapital Entertainment, and Fox Entertainment. Season 1 of Pivoting premiered on January 9, 2022, on Fox. The season finale aired on 10 March 2022. The primary filming location for this comedy series was Los Angeles, California. 

The show depicts the story of three friends who are faced with a reality check at a point in their lives and decide to change things up. 

Season 1 consists of ten episodes in total and has multiple directors who contributed to the show. This list includes Tristram Shapeero, Anna Dokoza, Daniella Eisman, and Catriona McKenzie. 

The series Pivoting also has quite the list of executive producers, including Liz Astrof, Dana Honor, Aaron Kaplan, and Tristram Shapeero. 

Pivoting Season 2 Release Date

Pivoting Season 2 Release Date

Season 1 of this comedy series has actually been well received by audiences and critics alike. That being said, the show is yet to be renewed for a second season. The chances of this look pretty decent as the series has good ratings. The finale only took place recently so it may be some time before we hear from the producers. 

Pivoting Season 1 Release DateJanuary 9, 2022
Pivoting Season 2 Release DateNot Announced
Pivoting Season 2 Release Date


Pivoting Season 2 Story

Season 2, if the show is renewed, will pick up where the finale left off. We will find out whether the group finally managed to locate and recover Colleen’s ashes. Additionally, Amy was offered a new job which she had not yet made a decision about, so we will see what turn her career takes in the new season. On the other hand, Jodie’s marriage seemed like it was at a breaking point but we cannot assume for sure. Season 2 could explore more of that to see if Jodie gets a divorce or secretly continues her affair.  

Pivoting Season 1 Recap

Pivoting Season 2 Release Date

The series follows a trio of friends Amy, Jodie, and Sarah. Sarah works at a hospital but would prefer to relax and have a good time than be fully immersed in her job. Amy is the producer of a morning cooking show, which she seems more comfortable doing than parenting. Jodie is an unhappy mom, primarily not satisfied in her marriage. The three friends come to a realization at their friend Colleen’s funeral that life is short, and that they must make the best of what they have and live it to the fullest. The trio then takes a series of decisions to ‘pivot’ or change the direction of their paths in life. Amy decides to focus on motherhood and raising her children. Sarah quits her job at the hospital and eventually stumbles upon happy employees at a grocery store, prompting her to land a job as a bagger. Jodie, unhappy with her marriage, begins to have feelings for her younger trainer.

Episodes 2 and 3 show these ladies coping with the decisions they’ve taken and they find out some truths. Jodie tries to impress her trainer, Amy finds that balancing work and family life is not that easy and Sarah copes with being a hard worker in an environment where slacking off is cool.  Eventually, though, things start picking up. Amy starts showing her maternal instincts when she finds out Luke isn’t fitting in with the other kids at school, and again when she learns he has been using offensive language. Sarah decides to get back into dating, though she is still kind of awkward with her colleagues. 

In episode 8, Amy gets into a dilemma after she shares some prescription pills with Luke’s teacher and in episode 9, Sarah and Jodie learn of and become curious about the income potential of an adult site. The season finale has the trio at a turning point in their lives where they must make important decisions. They decide to keep it all on hold in order to celebrate Colleen’s birthday, which includes taking her ashes out for their girl’s night. Things do not go as planned. 

Pivoting Season 2 Cast

Pivoting Season 2 Release Date

The main cast of Pivoting includes Eliza Coupe as Amy, Ginnifer Goodwin as Jodie, Maggie Q as Sarah, JT Neal as Matt, Tommy Dewey as Henry, Marcello Reyes as Luke, and Colton Dunn as Brian. 

Where To Watch Pivoting?

Season 1 of the series Pivoting is available to watch on Hulu