When To Expect Ritmo Salvaje Season 2 Release Date?

Ritmo Salvaje is a Colombian dance, musical tv series that premiered on March 2, 2022. The series is directed by Simon Brand who’s best known for his work in the 2008 feature film “Paráiso Trave”. This is a coming-of-age series for people who find love in music and dancing.

The plot revolves around two dance groups Dawer and Damper who belongs to two completely different world, they walk their paths until they come face to face in a dance battle where they discover that their dream to succeed is not only found in urban society but also in high society Their passion for dancing teaches them different aspects of life they comfort each other throughout this journey and find the true nature of dancing.

Sometimes we just don’t get the motivation to exercise, we feel less energetic and barely get the urge to move. But by watching some dance shows all of a sudden we feel the energy flowing inside our body and we feel the vibe to dance, stretch or move around. If you’re going through that phase as well then Ritmo Salvaje is just the right option for you the series got energetic moves, fierce dance stages, and amazing music to groove on.

Ritmo Salvaje Season 2 Release Date

Ritmo Salvaje Season 2 Release Date

The series premiered on Netflix on March 2, 2022, and till now has received an overwhelming response from the audience. But Netflix has not given any statement regarding its renewal yet, since Netflix only renew series based on its popularity, and we get renewal information after a few months of its release in case of Ritmo Salvaje we still might have to wait for a few months to get any news regarding its renewal. If the series doesn’t get canceled we can assume that series will make a comeback in 2023 or may get delayed for one more year or so.

Seasons Release Date
Ritmo Salvaje Season 1 Release DateMarch 2, 2022
Ritmo Salvaje Season 2 Release DateNot Announced
Ritmo Salvaje Season 2 Release Date


Ritmo Salvaje Season 2 Story

Antonia and Karina are both passionate about dancing through their journey from the dance battle they get to know about each other lives and comfort each other in their dance journey. On the other hand, the misunderstandings and rivalries do not leave their side. At the of the season, things get a whole lot Messier when Antonia accepts Miranda’s offer. After learning about the offer Karina and her friends sabotage Royal’s prospects at the competition.

Karina, Ximena, Bombita, and Chama try to keep Antonia out of Guaynaa’s music video. All their efforts go to drain and Antonia manages to take part in the filming. At the end of the season, viewers get to see an unconscious Antonia collapsed in a pool of blood.

In season 2, viewers might get to see more Stories about Antonia. Everything that takes place after the accident, viewers are curious to know who did that to Antonia, and we don’t have an answer to that, so we might get to explore that part as well. There’s so much in the store for the entire cast, we have got unanswered questions so season 2 might focus on that.

Ritmo Salvaje Season 1 Recap

The plot revolves around two groups, dawer and Damper led by two girls Antonia and Karina who belong to two opposite worlds. Antonia belongs to an elite family but her mother does not encourage her dance profession and pressures her to switch her career. On the other hand, Karina comes from an urban neighborhood and belongs to a successful dance crew. Their dance journey takes them to a dance battle where they have to face each other to protect their dream, but their path to success is not easy as it may seem they’ve to go through so much to receive what they’ve always been dreaming of.

Ritmo Salvaje Season 2 Cast

Ritmo Salvaje Season 2 Release Date

Paulina Dávila plays the role of Antonia, Greeicy Rendón plays the role of Karina, some other major casts are David Palacio as Checho, Martina la Peligrosa as Bombita, Sashua López as La Chama, and Angela Cano as Ximena. Some additional casts are Juan Manuel Guilera as Mateo, Cristina Warner as Miranda, Kevin Bury as Alex, and Sergio Herrera as Vicente.

Some other additional casts include Alejandro Buitrago as Curro, Andrés Juan Hernandez as Jacobo, Elisa Torriente as Majo, and Patricia Tamayo as Rebeca. We can assume that the casts from the previous season will reprise their roles in season 2, we also might get to see some new faces in the upcoming season.

Where To Watch Ritmo Salvaje

You can stream the first season of the series on Netflix.