Is Runway 34 Based On A Real-Life Story?

Runway 34 is quite suggestive from the title that the movie has got to do something with planes. However, plane journeys have become a quite daily part of our lives, and the life of a pilot sure seems quite fancy and fun to many of us from a recent day perspective, but we never know what the job actually comes with. The pilot who is flying a plane nearly 35000ft above the ground and taking responsibility for the lives of all the passengers on board, isn’t as easy as it seems in the movie.

We never know the struggles or till date, the only struggles we know are of the plane getting hijacked or snakes being up on the plane, however, this movie is inspired by a real-life incident that took in the year 2015 and was soon forgotten, but actually could have been aa death bed for 150 passengers on board of a plane which was struggling with its landing due to natural circumstances. The condition was a dire crisis and the pilot surely had to take some risky decisions which ends up saving the life of all those passengers and bringing them back to the ones they loved.

The movie is a Hindi thriller-based movie and we have only received a teaser to date, produced by Ajay Devgan Films and panorama studios and is quite predictable to blow the box office charts based on the hype it has already created for itself. This movie is surely worth a watch for all and mainly for those who aspire to have a career in this field.

Is Runway 34 Based On A Real-Life Story?

Runway 34 is a movie that is completely based on a real-life incident and is based on a heroic flight event that was soon forgotten after it took place in the year 2015. the incident is basically based on the struggles that are faced by a pilot while trying to land the plane in very low visibility circumstances and risking the lives of nearly 150 passengers.

Is Runway 34 Based On A Real-Life Incident?

Based on the teaser, we already know that the movie is worth a watch for every audience out there and from the teaser only we can make out that the movie is based on some plane journey, where the pilot is playing a great role along with the flights landing environment being complete chaos.

The real-life incident that has been shown in the movie is based on a jet airway flight that takes off from Doha with a total of 150 passengers, towards the landing of the flight in Kochi, there was a lot of turbulence because of the chaotic external weather and the visibility was very poor, this put the pilot’s position at risk, the pilot continued their flight to Trivandrum. Though the visibility for the landing again seemed very poor and induced them to do a mayday call. After nearly 3 failed attempts of landing, the pilots with a very minimum amount of fuel decided to do a blind landing at Trivandrum, putting the lives of all those passengers at risk but ended up saving them.

Though the landing was a success, the captain of the airplane was successful in saving all those passengers’ life, he was soon downgraded to the rank of a co-pilot for putting the lives of all those passengers at risk.

Runway 34 Release Date

The original title of the movie is mayday and the production of the film began in the year 2020 and was finished in the December of 2021. The film was announced to all of us in the month of November 2021 and we have recently received a teaser for the movie on March 15, 2022. The release date for the movie is announced as 29th of April, 2022 and the trailer of the movie is still yet to release. The incident on which the show is based is the risky flight landing of a jet airway which happened in the year 2015, though the incident was in limelight for almost a week, everyone soon forgot about the heroic contribution of the pilots of the flight towards the safety of the passengers.


Where Can We Watch Runway 34?

Runway 34 is releasing on the 29th of April 2022 and will be available in most of your nearby cinema halls. There hasn’t been any update, regarding whether it will be available on any other streaming platform, but there is a great chance that the movie will either be available on Netflix or Amazon Prime after it leaves the cinema halls.

Runway 34 Trailer

Is Runway 34 Based On A Real-Life Incident?

The teaser for the movie has been released on the 15th of March, 2022, and the trailer of the movie is set to be available on YouTube on the 21st of March 2022.