Murder Comes Home Not Yet Renewed For Season 2!

Do you like murder mysteries? Are you done watching typical, boring, and predictable crime series? Well, then this series is for you. Murder Comes Home is a crime documentary series starring Matthew Atchley, Bing Fu, Craig S. Wollman, and Grace Asher in the lead roles. The series is directed by Deborah Mitchell, Lauren J, Przybyszewski, and Elizabeth Gibson; written by Pat Rogers, Susanna Hoskins, and Geoffrey Proud. The story mainly shows the pairing of actual crime scenes videos with real home videos to create an intimate and powerful mystery. 

Murder Comes Home Season 2 Release Date

Murder Comes Home Season 2

The first episode of season 1 was released on January 28, 2020. The first season entirely deals with the sentimental emotions and feelings of the victims who come face to face with murder in unexpected timings and in unexpected ways. The documentary series literally left the audience in a crucial state, it took the audience off their breath. It has been two years since the release of the first season but the makers haven’t yet come up with the second season They didn’t even leave any hints or audience.

Though the series is a murder mystery, the audience response was quite satisfactory. They haven’t made any official announcement of the release date of the second season. Like we don’t even know whether the series was renewed for a second season or not. Well, time will prove it. There is still time for makers to come up with the second season. But we don’t know what’s running in their minds, maybe they might have some other better plans. So let’s patiently wait, till they make any decisions. 

Seasons Release Date
Murder Comes Home Season 1 Release DateJanuary 28, 2020
Murder Comes Home Season 2 Release DateNot Announced
Murder Comes Home Season 2 Release Date


Murder Comes Home Season 1 Recap

The series is more like a documentary focusing on the unexpected timings when people might get murdered. It’s a breath-taking series that shows us that murder can come to us anytime, anyplace, and anywhere. The first episode of season one, ‘The SIckness’ deals with the case of Sue, a young lady who always dreamt of having her own private place away from her family. When she finally got her own little paradise, the knocking of an uninvited guest on an evil day of August 27, 2001, shatters her dream. The second episode ‘Wild Goose Chaos’ shows the mysterious death of Marlys Sether. Marlys is an independent working woman and a mother of three. Everything was routine in their life until she went missing from work after a lunch appointment. This made her family unfold a horrifying discovery.

The third episode ‘Red Mustang’ deals with the 22-year old LeAnne Martinez who fails to pick her daughter from her mother’s place. Little did she know that this slight mistake would give her a scar forever. The fourth episode is ‘Stuck In The Middle’ deals with the mysterious murder of a 20-year-old Anna Catherine, who was found dead on the kitchen floor by her father Paula Cardwell. The entire town becomes desperate to find the devil who did this deed. In the fifth episode ‘On Her Own’, Marioara Shand was found dead in her new home in Taos, New Mexico. The sixth episode ‘he Made Me Do It’ deals with the mystery of Lila Warwick who is a living grandmother, whose door is always open for her grandchildren on their vacations, holidays, or any other occasion. But do you think only her family enters through her door? This brings us to the end of season 1 of the series. 

Murder Comes Home Season 2 Cast 

Murder Comes Home Season 2 Release Date

Craig S. Wollman as Narrator, Alex Javo as Robbie Warwick, Grace Asher as Marioara Shand, Daniel Braswell as Det. Tom Mccann, Kachelle Steigerwald as Diana, Bing Fu as Detective, Matthew Atchley as Det. Kent Bauman, Michael Justice as Jeffrey Hefling, Vinnie Vineyard as Jeff, Jill Holder as 911 Operator, Cheri Warwick as Self – Lila’s Daughter, Kent Bauman as Self – Det., Kandiyohi County MN Sheriff’s Office, Katie Ekbom as Self – Lila’s Granddaughter, Reanne Warwick as Self – Lila’s Granddaughter, Molly Ekbom as Self – Lila’s Granddaughter, Bill Franklin as Self – Sheriff, Elmore County Alabama, Casey Culpepper as Self – Anna’s Friend and Molly Ekbom as Self 

Where To Watch Murder Comes Home?

Murder Comes Home is available to be watched on Amazone Prime Video and Youtube