12 Best Korean Shows On MX Player!

K Dramas are love. Audiences love watching these and they are getting immensely popular these days. The plot twists, the aesthetics, the talented actors, and the narrative are some of the reasons that add to the beauty of K Dramas. Many of these dramas are available for streaming on different streaming platforms.

They are watched extensively amongst audiences because of the various elements that they have to offer. The craze for dramas is at an all-time high and so some of them are also available on MX Player. The best part about this streaming platform is that content is mostly available for free. Here’s a list of the 12 best K Dramas on MX Player.

1. Dr Stranger

Picture this story. A young doctor has to fly his way to the south for the sake of his life. In this attempt, he loses track of the woman in his life. Things turn awry when he crosses paths with a woman who looks exactly like the woman he knew during his time in North Korea. The Korean language show was released on the 5th of May. The Korean romance drama stars Lee Jong Suk, Jin Se-Yeon, Park Hae-jin, and Kang So-ra in pivotal roles.

2. Goblin

12 Best Korean Shows On MX Player

What if Goblin enters the modern-day world? Goblin is a 16 episode long series with 3 special episodes. The story of Goblin revolves around an immortal Goblin named Kim Shin who is on a mission to find a human bride. The Kim Eun Sok written drama stars Gong Yoo, Kim Go-eun, Lee Dong-Wook, Yoo In-na, and Yook Sung-Jae in major roles.

3. Penthouse

Penthouse is a 3 season drama. The revenge suspense thriller revolves around a woman who aims to become a part of high society. Her desire to be the queen of a Gangnam situated high society leads to various issues. The actors playing essential roles in the series include Lee Ji ah playing the role of Shim Su Ryeon, Kim So Yeon playing the role of Cheon Seo jin, and Eugene playing the role of Oh Yoon hae. The penthouse was released on the 26th of October 2020. The show has an IMDb rating of 8.1 on 10.


4. Kill Me Heal Me

12 Best Korean Shows On MX Player

As the word Heal suggests, Kill me heal me is a medical drama unlike the others of this genre. The 20 episode series was released in 2015. The show was written by Jin Soo wan. It revolves around the son of a Korean conglomerate, Cha Do Hyun. The show follows the aftermath of the appointment of a psychiatrist for the treatment of his son’s multiple personality disorders. The show stars Ji sung, Park Seo Jun, and Hwang Jung-eum in pivotal roles.

5. Heirs

12 Best Korean Shows On MX Player

Heirs is the story of descendants. It revolves around two teenagers from socially varying backgrounds. Things change when the two youngsters fall in love with each other. The drama grapples with layers of class, society, and privilege biases. It makes for an interesting premise to witness if love transcends it all. The executive producer of the romantic drama is Yoon Haa rim. The 2013 released show features Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye, and Kim Woo-bin in pivotal roles.

6. Rich Man

12 Best Korean Shows On MX Player

Rich Man is a 2018 romantic comedy. Only one season of the series has been released till now. The series has been written by Hwang Jo-Yoon and Park Jung-ye. It was originally telecasted on MBN and Dramax. It stars Kim Jun-myeon, Ha Yeon-soo, Oh Chang-suk, and Kim Ye-won in pivotal roles. It follows the life of the arrogant CEO of an IT company whose life is about to change.

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7. Dr Romantic

12 Best Korean Shows On MX Player

The 2016 romantic drama has 2 seasons as of now. It has a total of 36 episodes. The cast of the show includes Yang Se-jong, Lee Sung-Kyung and So Joo-Yeon in essential roles. It follows the lives of a few doctors who navigate through their jobs under the guidance of a senior doctor.

8. I’m Not A Robot

I’m not a robot is a 2017 sci-fi. It revolves around a man who suffers from an allergy that puts him in a position to limit his social interaction. The show stars Yoo Seung ho, Chae Soo-bin, and Um ki Joon in pivotal roles.

9. Dr John

12 Best Korean Shows On MX Player

The story of Dr. John follows two talented doctors. It is based on the works of Yo Kusabake. The show starring Ji Sung, Lee Se Young, and Chan young Yoon was originally telecast on SBS TV.


10. Into The Ring

12 Best Korean Shows On MX Player

Into The Ring like other shows on this list is available in the Hindi dubbed version on the streaming platform. The romantic drama follows the life of a free-spirited and fiery woman named Gu Sera. There are a total of 16 episodes in the series.

11. Mysterious Nurse

12 Best Korean Shows On MX Player

Mysterious Nurse is a 2018 Korean drama belonging to the genre of mysterious fantasy. It revolves around a psychiatrist named Hyun Woo who falls in love with his nurse named Soo Ah. Soo has a special ability to foresee the death of people. She also deals with scary nightmares of being killed by a woman. The series stars Lee Sung Jong, Kwon Hae sung, and Park Ah-In in essential roles.

12. 1 % Of Something

1 % of something is a Korean drama that was released in 2016. The TV series stars Ha Seok-jin as the protagonist. The show can also be watched for free at Jio Cinema. The protagonist is a wealthy individual whose arrogance is well known. Twist and turns arrive when Lee encounters Kim Da-Hyun. Kim is a teacher who fakes being Lee’s fiancé so that he can win his inheritance. The series has a total of 16 episodes. 1 % of something is based on a book of the same name. Alongside Ha Seok jin, Jeon So min plays the most essential role.

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