What’s Eating America Season 2 Release Date Latest Status!

What’s eating America is an American television documentary series, which first aired on MSNBC on February 16, 2020. The series is an Intuitive Content production consisting of 5 episodes, hosted by Andrew Zimmern. Award-Winning Chef Andrew Zimmern along with award-winning chef and humanitarian Jose Andres explores America with a different view to make the viewers aware of socio-political issues surrounding America that in fact impact the food sector at large. The series covers stories related to immigration, climate change, addiction, voting rights, and healthcare and their impact on the food and lifestyle of Americans.

People who want to educate them about such issues and are also interested to know more about food, in general, will definitely love this series. This series is pretty underrated among the viewers but that means it’s not worth watching read the article till the end to get a better perspective of the series.

What’s Eating America Season 2 Release Date

What's Eating America Season 2 Release Date

What’s Eating Americas first Season aired on February 16, 2020, on MSNBC, the series received positive response from the critics for it’s exceptionally good concept. Even though it’s been a year since the first season aired MSNBC has still not released any information regarding its renewal or cancellation. The series is not cancelled, yet there’s still chances for its renewal in the future.

Seasons Relesae Date
What’s Eating America Season 1 Release DateFebruary 16, 2020
What’s Eating America Season 2 Release DateNot Confirmed

What’s Eating America Season 2 Story

In the pilot episode, Zimmern is joined by Andrés to uncover the job settlers play in putting food on America’s table. Zimmern and Andrés go in the background to disentangle U.S. migration approaches and how the food business utilizes migrant and immigrant labor on a daily basis.

The U.S. food framework is vigorously affected by environmental change. Zimmern goes to Milwaukee, Wisconsin where the local perch fish is vanishing from the warming waters of Lake Michigan. In New Jersey, he meets researchers making the ranch of things to come where new greens are developed inside a changed over steel factory rather than ranches. Zimmern, who is currently 30 years, uncovers how he tracked down his direction from vagrancy to recuperation through food and preparing. In this moving episode, he centers around the developing issue of liquor and fixation in the cafe business and how it can offer a way ahead to those in recuperation.

To investigate why numerous Americans are barred from the polling booth, Zimmern leaves on an excursion through southern milestone states. To observe replies, he imparts dinners to casting a ballot rights activists, meets with improved criminals battling to have their privileges reestablished and questions the legislators behind casting a ballot enrollment bills.

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What’s Eating America Season 1 Recap

What's Eating America Season 2 Release Date

Zimmern goes to the core of the country to investigate the territory of America’s medical services where the populace is eating more processed food than ever before. The episode investigates the connection among food and wellbeing in the U.S.

Zimmer talks about the significance of voting, and why he considers voting as fundamental as eating. He travels through some key battleground states as well as eating some of the best foods In the country. He questions about the basic right that is open to everyone. Furthermore, he interviews people and have discussions with them regarding voting while sharing a meal. He voices his opinion regarding voting, it’s importance and why several states are making it difficult to cast a vote.

He speaks about voters suppression, and it’s history in the United States and the fights for voting rights. Furthermore, he meet with a modern day activist who’s on the front lines of the fight for equality at the ballot box in places such as Alabama, Arizona and Florida. He begins his journey to Atlanta Georgia to visit Pascal’s along with amazing food the restaurant is also known to be the place that helped fuel the fights for civil rights throughout the 60s. In an era when African Americans were denied service throughout the south dining out itself could be an active resistance. He tries some of the best food from the menu and sits with Dr Anderson for a talk.

What’s Eating America Season 2 Cast

  • Host Andrew Zimmern Himself
  • José Andrés as himself

Where To Watch What’s Eating America?

You can watch the series on following streaming platforms: Hulu, Fubo TV and Sling TV.