Is Primal Season 2 Release Date Confirmed? Know Here!

We all have friends right, like yeah obviously. No matter where we go or how we are, we always have that one friend who stays with us. Even if we tell them that we are going through hell, all they do is hold our hands and walk with us through hell. Yeah, those are exactly what friendship is. No matter how dangerous war is, we can finish the battle f we have one good friend by our side. Well, Primal is one such animated series that shows the value and strength of friendship. Primal is an American animated adult series created and directed by Genndy Tartakovsky.

The series is a combination of action, adventure, drama, fantasy, horror, and thriller. Yeah, so in short it’s a feat for your eyes. The series has one season with ten episodes each with a running time of 22 minutes. The producer of these series is Shareena Carlson and executive producers of the series are Genndy Tartakovsky, Brian A. Miller, Jennifer Pelphrey, Rob Sorcher, Sam Register (Season 2), Mike Lazzo, and Keith Crofford Michael Ouweleen (Season 2). Cartoon Network Studios, Williams Street is the production and Warner Bros. Television Distribution are the distributors. The story revolves around two characters caveman and a dinosaur who bond together to overcome a tragedy. 

Primal Season 2 Release Date

Primal Season 2 Release Date

The first season of Primal was released on October 8, 2019. That day was the beginning of an exciting journey of a dinosaur and caveman. The first season got huge support and amazing responses from the audience, which made the creator come up with the second season of the animated series after a two-year gap. Though they haven’t made any official announcement about the release date of season 2, we know for sure that they are in the process of making it. They have left us with a hint that like season 1, season 2 will also have ten episodes. Probably, the second season will also be released on Adult Swim. So far we know these many details. Don’t lose your hope, they will announce the official release date anytime soon. 

Seasons Release Date
Primal Season 1 Release DateOctober 8, 2019
Primal Season 2 Release DateNot Confirmed
Primal Season 2 Release Date


Primal Season 1 Recap

The story revolves around two main characters, a caveman named Spear and a hornless  Tyrannosaurus named Fang. Their meeting is quite tragic. When Spear comes after fishing he witnesses his family slaughtered by a pack of horned  Tyrannosaurus. In anger, he decides to take revenge on them. On the way, he sees a hornless Tyrannosaurus, Fangs, and thinks that was the one who killed his family and approaches it to kill it. But when he sees the babies of Fangshe withdraws his plan. Soon they get attacked by horned Tyrannosaurus and unfortunately they eat Fang’s babies. After that, both of them fight against those horned ones and kill them.

Later they begin their journey together. But the journey forward wasn’t easier. Being hungry both of them hunt for food, but Fang eats the food they find together without sharing with Spear. This irritates Spear and they end up fighting. Later they reconcile and continue their hunt for food. Throughout the journey, they face many difficulties and fight way too many battles for their survival. They fight with a pack of dromaeosaurs and get into the trap of a giant spider. But fortunately, they escape from the trouble and finally reach an oasis where they relax after their journey, little did they know about the trouble waiting for them.

N the oasis they were taken away by a tribe of ape-men, to perform a death ritual. Unfortunately, both of them get separated. The tribe ties Spear and forcefully makes Fangs drink some serum. Spear couldn’t resist seeing them torturing Fangs. He breaks the tie and drinks the serum which turns him into a monster. After killing the apeman tribe he visits an old apeman and regains his normal form. This marked the beginning of their beautiful friendship. But the entry of a new character changes the path of their journey. 

Primal Season 2 Characters

Primal Cast

Spear (voiced by Aaron LaPlante), a Neanderthal caveman, and Fang, a female Tyrannosaurus.

Where To Watch Primal?

Primal is now available to be watched on HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video