When Is Black Ink Crew Season 10 Release Date Arriving?

Black Ink Crew is an American reality television series, that first aired on VH1 on January 7, 2013. Black Ink Crew focuses on a group of tattoo artists struggling to achieve fame in Harlem. The crew operates under Ceaser the creator of Black Ink Crew. The series has 9 seasons in total as of now. The Black Ink Crew provides a glimpse into the lives of creative but also a little messed up people and shows how the power and responsibility of being their boss confuse Ceaser.

The reality show turned out to be very successful, with Black Ink Crew: Chicago (2015) and Compton (2019) being spun off. Emanuel also served as executive producer on the show for a period of time The show has developed into one of the most-watched reality dramas on the channel since its release. Viewers are primarily addicted to the frequent clashes and competitions that appear throughout the episode.

Black Ink Crew Season 10 Release Date

The series is still ongoing, so there’s no specific information related to the renewal of season 10 yet. Since Black ink crew is quite popular among the viewers there’s always a chance for its renewal maybe the series will be back with season 10 sooner than expected.


Black Ink Crew Season 10 Story

The series focuses on the Black Ink Tattoo Studio located in Harlem, New York City. The story follows tattoo parlor owner David “Ceaser” Emanuel, and artists who work in his Harlem-based shop. The tattoo parlor is run by a talented African-American individual and offers a vibrant, dramatic, and fun look at the Harlem community. The nine-season show featured a variety of tattoo artists with diverse personalities, interesting clients, and shocking interpersonal problems.

The series is a fantastic platform for African American-owned businesses and entrepreneurs.  this is a reality TV series, so there are funny moments, crazy stories, and drama throughout the show. Even if the camera stops rolling, these real-life stars offer plenty of stories to tell, from information about the law to shocking childhood stories.

Black Ink Crew Season 9 Recap

Bae organizes a unity walk for black lives matter in the Asian community to stop Asian hate, then she met bobby, he accompanied her to the unity walk and everybody came back in town, Ceaser is also back with the whole crew, the whole crew went to support her. Bobby tells about him and his mom. Puma is celebrating her day with his family, Quani throws a ranch in his celebration because she’s ready to leave Atlanta, but puma got a lot going on, he’s going through depression and Quani is not trying to hear it at all. He went out and talked to ted about it ted tells him to give therapy a try.

Battle of the sexes competition takes place With lots of dramas and such. So the competition begins with the boys vs girls team with a tattoo competition, the team that loses has to be another teams apprentice for a day. Everything goes well until they got two clients one each and Spyder and rock get into a disagreement. During the episode, the client that baiting them had black skin, and she wanted a galaxy type tattoo and bae was telling her tattoo won’t look good. Nessie had come back and asked to speak to KP and KP told Tim to come too, so they go to this meeting and Nessie tells him everything about her feelings how she’s been feeling recently.

Black Ink Crew Season 10 Cast

Black Ink Crew Season 10 Release  Date

Ashley Nicole Bermudez as Sassy Ceaser Emanuel as self Dutchess Lattimore as self Kevin Laroy as self Quani as self Tiffany Winter as Ceasar’s Sister Jakeita Days as Sky Tiffany Tattooz as Tiffany Perez Altonio Jackson as Ace Rasheed J. Daniel as self Daniel Wright Jr. as Marzmade Tattoos Kimberly Noel as self Sha Michael as Self.

Where To Watch Black Ink Crew?

Viewers might want to binge-watch all the seasons but sadly Black ink crew all seasons are not available on any streaming platform yet, though you can always stream 2 seasons on Netflix, and 3 seasons on Hulu in the US. UK viewers can stream 2 seasons of the series on Netflix only. Black Ink Crew has not been added to any Indian streaming platform yet.

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