Rhodes To The Top Season 2 Release Date Announced?

Rhodes to the Top, a tv show, finally wrapped up its six-episode first season. While concurrently contributing to the formation and growth of the AEW’s worldwide wrestling operation, Brandi and Cody Rhodes take their fans on a tour of their large family. Season one, produced by Shed Media and televised by Warner Bros. Unscripted Television, was well received by viewers, who are looking forward to season two. The tough duo leads spectators through their frantic lifestyle within and without the ring on this AEW reality program, which has a big fan base.

If you’re curious if there will be a second season, here’s all you need to know. The final episode, “Cross Rhodes,” was launched on October 23, 2021. In the opening episode, which airs on TNT, the couple continues to suffer from being new parents. Brandi undertakes a rigorous training regimen in order to restore to the ring, and she consults Cody for advice. Nonetheless, there are certain distinctions in how the procedure should be carried out. Cody starts questioning his future as Makalai Black and Cody’s enmity grows.

Rhodes To The Top Season 2 Release Date

Rhodes to the Top, a TNT show, has not been revived for a season 2. Season 2 has yet to get the direct announcement of its continuation. It’s possible that the show is on hiatus, or that a new season has yet to be revealed. In just about any case, nothing at all is known about Season 2. Season one broadcasted from September 29 to October 23 (2021) and lasted six episodes.

Seasons Release Dates
Rhodes To The Top Season 1 Release DateSeptember 29, 2021
Rhodes To The Top Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet


Rhodes To The Top Season 1 Recap

Rhodes To The Top has 6 episodes in its first season. It usually aired right after Dynamite on Wednesdays, however, two of the episodes aired after special Dynamite broadcasts that aired on Saturday instead. The late period of time and change in days affected the average amount of viewers per show. Despite having a strong start with over 400,000 spectators, the first series only had 360,000 viewers on average. It received only a.15 rating in the critical 18-49 demographic. While Dynamite is set to move to TBS at the beginning of the new year, TNT will continue to air Rampage and Rhodes to the Top. If Dynamite is able to snatch an earlier schedule, the reality show’s change may have an influence on ratings.

Cross Rhodes the final episode, was released on October 23, 2021. The pair continues to suffer from becoming young parents in the first episode, which telecasted on TNT. Brandi begins a tough training routine in an attempt to return to the arena, and she seeks advice from Cody. There are, nonetheless, certain variances in how the process should be performed. As Makalai Black and Cody’s hostility develops, Cody begins to question his destiny.

The chance to have an intimate insight into the lives and production of a commodity like AEW will always have a significant viewership. Some will watch the reality show in the hopes of catching a peek at one of their favorite AEW stars. A second season of Rhodes to the Top could be more popular, especially since Cody is also a juror on the Go Big Show, which has been renewed for a season 2 on TBS. Considering the recent reactions he’s gotten from AEW audiences, his numbers may continue to vary.

Rhodes To The Top Season 2 Possibilities

Rhodes To The Top Season 2 Release Date

TNT’s General Manager, Brett Weitz, stated that AEW and Rhodes to the Top surpassed the network. He did, nevertheless, add that there are absolutely no plans for a season 2. Before making a decision, he needs to see how audiences devour the show on VOD and how it succeeds. As a result, viewers will have to wait a while longer to discover out if and when season 2 will be produced.