Help! I Wrecked My House Season 3 Release Date & Other Details!

Help! I Wrecked My House is an American reality Television series, released on September 12, 2020, on HGTV. The series is an RTR Media production, directed by David De Angelis the shooting of the series took place around Costa Mesa and California in the US. The series covers different stories of homeowners who have wrecked their house from failed DIY projects and now are in dire need of help to get their house fixed, Jasmine Roth takes on the task of fixing all their DIY gone wrong by giving them the best makeover their house could ever have. If you’re into House makeovers and renovation projects this reality tv series is just for you.

Help! I Wrecked My House Season 3 Release Date

Help! I Wrecked My House Season 3 Release Date

Help! I Wrecked My House fans will be delighted to know that HGTV has finally renewed the series for the third season three will be on air in fall 2022, Help! I Wrecked My House season 3 will have 10 episodes.

Seasons Release Date
Help! I Wrecked My House Season 1 Release DateSeptember 12, 2020
Help! I Wrecked My House Season 2 Release Date2021
Help! I Wrecked My House Season 3 Release DateTBA
Help! I Wrecked My House Season 3 Release Date

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Help! I Wrecked My House Season 3 Story

The series brings forward many homeowners with their do-it-yourself malfunctions, that’s when the tv series host Jasmine Roth comes to rescue not only does she renovate their home but also turns their house into their dream home. The concept may seem bizarre at first, and you might start wondering what is wrong with all these people? But actually, this was quite shocking for the production team and the host herself as well they did not expect that so many people would have actually wreaked their house. This series can actually educate you about renovation projects and how you can give your house the best makeovers.

The series tries to give the house owners the best makeovers in a tight budget, you do not need to spend thousands and thousands of dollars just to repair or renovate your house. Renovation expert Jasmine Roth gives useful suggestions and tips that can also help newbies to renovate their house on their own that too in a pocket-friendly manner. Jasmine has every kind of solution to your problem, from storage solutions to family-friendly designs.

Who is Jasmine Roth?

Jasmine was not always the HGTV star as you know her now, it all started when Jasmine started to work alongside her dad on DIY projects during her spare time. Jasmine built tree houses, playhouses, and furniture with her dad. It may have sparked her interest in house building, renovation, and now she’s pursuing her interest as her full-time career. Even though Jasmine found her interest during her childhood she chose not to pursue it as a full-time career until she met her husband Brett.

Jasmine was actually pursuing entrepreneurship and new venture management at Northeastern University in Boston while pursuing her college degree she also found the love of her life Brett who she’s married to now. Jasmine and her husband Brett started working together to build their own dream house that’s from where it all started after building their own house together they established their own company Built Custom Homes which deals with renovation projects. After establishing her company Jasmine started Posting her house building process on her Instagram and she finally caught the eyes of the producers of the HGTV series, and now we know her as the renovation expert Jasmine Roth.

Help! I Wrecked My House Season 3 Cast

Host Jasmine Roth as herself General Contractor Scott Cross as himself cabinetmaker Brian Polan as himself General Contractor David Bohler as himself Abraham (Floor Installer), George Bernal (Custom Fabrication), David (Landscaper), Dottie (Lauren’s Mom), Andrea (Homeowner), Chris (Homeowner) and Heather (Homeowner). Additionally, cast with brief appearances includes Jeremy (Homeowner), Jess (Homeowner), John (Industrial Artist & Metal Designer), Karen (Sara’s Parent), Kevin (Homeowner), Larry (Sara’s Parent), and Lauren (Homeowner).

Where to Watch Help! I Wrecked My House?

Reality tv series are the most fun to watch during spare time and Help! I Wrecked My House is everyone’s pick for lovely fun makeovers, let’s see where you can watch all the episodes of this series. Us viewers can stream both the seasons of the series on Amazon Prime, HGTV, direct Tv, spectrum, and discovery plus. For UK viewers the series is streaming on Amazon Prime and discovery plus.