Is Weekend Family Season 2 Release Date Cancelled?

Created by Baptiste Filleul, Weekend Family is a French comedy streaming television series for children and teenagers, which is written by Géraldine de Margerie, Nour Ben Salem, Cécile Lugiez, and Julie-Anna Grignon on the association of Marion Carnel and Paul Madillo in the direction of Sophie Reine and Pierre-François Martin-Laval. Produced by Elephant International, the series revolves around Fred and his complicated life. How he manages his relationship with his previous three wives and Emma is a task. It is just like a family comedy-drama which you should not miss.

Weekend Family Season 2 Release Date

Weekend Family Season 2 Release Date

The series premiered globally on March 9, 2022, but some selected countries premiered it on February 23, 2022, and the series ran with 8 episodes of 25 to 35 minutes. It got 6.9 ratings on IMDb and was liked by 92 % of people. As it is fully based on humor and family and relationships drama, the audience liked it very much and praised the characters, their actions, and how the story is delivered.

They are seeking the next season, and here is all that you should know about it. The network and the makers have not given a green light to the next installment, nor they have renewed or canceled the series. But, it is totally up to the mark that there can be a season 2 of the series, as the audience liked it deeply and waiting for season 2. Well, it will take some time, and if there will be a season 2 of the series, then it can come by 2023.

Seasons Release Dates
Weekend Family Season 1 Release DateFebruary 23, 2022
Weekend Family Season 2 Release DateNot Confirmed
Weekend Family Season 2 Release Date

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Weekend Family Season 1 Recap

The series revolves around Fred, his three daughters; Clara, Romy, and Victoire, their mothers, and now a love interest with a Canadian girl, Emma who is doing her Ph.D. The daughters live with their mothers and meet with Fred only on the weekends. Although many of the wives do not have any romantic relationship with Fred, they all be together just like a family. When all got to know about Emma, Clara thinks to make the duo apart.

As Emma is doing her doctorate, it becomes difficult for her to manage her studies and relationships. As she excels in academics, she lacks in rearing kids and doing household work. For some time, the daughters also try to create a mess that Emma and Fred are unaware of. Seeing all things being ruined up, she thinks to move to Canada to first finish her studies and then thinking something about her. Weekend Family, which at one point seems to be funny and delivers humor and fantastic moments, comes up with the family mess and how the daughters have ruined all the things between Fred and Emma.

Where To Watch Weekend Family Season 2?

Weekend Family Season 2 Release Date

The series got released on the Disney+ network, and you can enjoy all the episodes there. If there would be its next installment coming, then the chances are that it will too be released on the same network. But, till then, enjoy the episodes of season 1.

Weekend Family Season 2 Cast

The main lead of the series is Fred whose character is played by Éric Judor, who has three daughters, Clara, played by Liona Bordonaro, Romy, played by Roxane Barrazuol, and Victoire, played by Midie Dreyfus. His wives include Marie-Ange, played by Jeanne Bournaudas, Helena, played by Annabel Lopez, and Laurence, played by Annelise Hesme, who are not romantically involved with him, though care for him. Daphnée Côté Hallé, seen in the character of Emmanuelle, also known as Emma, who has studied child psychology and doing her doctorate in France, is in a relationship with Fred. Hafid F. Benamar comes up with the character of Stan, who is the best friend of Fred. Séphora Pondi as Cora is Emma’s best friend.

If the series is renewed for the next installment, then we can expect the same actors and actresses to play the same characters again, with some new ones. As the series is originally made in the French language, it is dubbed into the English language by many voice artists. They can again give their voice to the characters they played if season 2 will come.

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