When To Expect Top Chef Season 20 Release Date?

Reality shows have garnered acclaim over the previous decade. They have proven to be the perfect platform for layman to showcase their talents. They are also loved by viewers because it allows them to witness people like them achieving great things. Top Chef is a reality TV series that has been loved by audiences for over 15 years now. The American show that is broadcast on Bravo depicts chefs competing with each other to win the title. Much like Master chef Australia and Master chef India. The Magical Eves Productions produced show has various spin-off series to its credit, too.

Top Chef Season 20 Release Date

Top Chef Season 20 Release Date

The first season of Top Chef was released on 8th March 2006. It is an amazing feat for a reality TV show to have as many as 19 seasons in the span of fewer than two decades. The show’s format allows it to fit multiple seasons and yet not get boring. Throughout the nineteen seasons that have been released till now, there gave been a total of 274 episodes. Each episode of the show has a runtime of around 42 minutes. Dan Cutforth and Jane Lipsitz are the executive producers of the show. After the recent release of the nineteenth season of the 3rd of March 2022. Fans are speculating on the release of the twentieth season. The makers have not yet announced a release date for season 20 but it can release sometime in 2023.


Top Chef Season 20 Story

The cooking show has a simple format. The show involves the method of progressive elimination. This means with every round a certain number of contestants are eliminated from the show. At the beginning of the season, there are a total of 12 to 19 participants. Every season has a host city. The particular season has themes related to its host city. The participants are supposed to collect in this city from all over the country. The participants are also assigned accommodation by the makers.

In the final of the show, the contestants compete against each other for the winning title. By the finale episode, only 3 contestants remain. The chef who makes the best dish in the finale episode is given the title of Top Chef of that season. The other rounds of the show include the Quickfire Challenge and Elimination Challenge. The Quickfire Challenge requires contestants to make a dish using a list of must-use ingredients. This gives the judges an opportunity to judge whether the contestants are capable of incorporating their creativity in their cooking. The Elimination Round is true to its name as it eliminates contestants based on how poor their dishes were.

There are also restaurant wars organized in the middle of the season. There are various versions of this round in different seasons. Some seasons capture the participants as they split into teams while trying to manage the restaurant on their own. It gives them an opportunity to gain exposure and experience.

Top Chef Season 20 Cast

Top Chef Season 20 Release Date

Katie Lee was the presenter of the first season of the show. Padma Lakshmi has presented the seasons after that. The judges and constantans change through every season as new talents are discovered. Tom Colicchio and Gail Simmons are perhaps the only members of the judging panel that have been consistently presenting except for season 16. The other judges throughout the seasons include Ted Allen, Toby Young, Eric Ripert, Anthony Bourdain, Hugh Acheson, Emeril Lagasse, Wolfgang Puck, Richard Blais, Graham Elliot, and Nilou Motamed.

Each season has a winner. The winners and runner ups of the previous seasons include Harold Dieterle, Tiffani Faison, Ilan Hall, Marcel Vigneron, Hung Huynh, Dale Levitski, Casey Thompson, Stephanie Izard, Lisa Fernandes, Richard Blais, Hosea Rosenberg, Stefan Richter, Carla Hall, Michael Voltaggio, Bryan Voltaggio, Kevin Gillespie, Kevin Sbraga, Ed Cotton, Angelo Sosa, Kristen Kish, Brooke Williamson, Nicholas Elmi, Mei Lin, Jeremy Ford, Gregory Gourdet, Amar Santana, Shirley Chung, Sara Bradley, Melissa King, Gabe Erales, Shota Nakajima, Dwan Burrell, Chris Cary, Sam Talbot, and Fabio Viviani amongst others.

Where To Watch Top Chef?

The reality TV show can be watched on the channel Bravo. It can also be streamed on Bravo TV website.

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