10 Shows Like Rudra The Edge That Is Very Interesting!

The show is an operational psychological crime drama set in the Special Crimes Unit of the Mumbai Police. It revolves over DCP Rudraveer Singh, who is under the system’s surveillance despite being among its smartest experts at labor. Idris Alba starred in the original, which was written and directed by Neil Cross. The writing department is led by Ishaan Trivedi, Abbas, and Hussain Dalal.

The creators have clearly copied the fundamental plotlines from the new episodes and Indianized the operations – straightforward and easy to follow – as evidenced by the three episodes readily accessible for preview. Even though each episode has its own tale centered on an exceptionally brilliant and psychologically loaded criminal, it also gradually reveals aspects of Rudra’s life, which would be a significant aspect of the current season’s overall narrative.

Audiences, journalists, and the industry have praised actor Ajay Devgn’s compelling personality in Hotstar Specials’ Rudra – The Edge of Darkness, which is the country’s favorite on-screen supercop for the very first time on a digital platform. Ever since its premiere on March 4, the show has had the largest viewership of any thriller on the site and has been buzzing at number one.

Against the Ice

10 Shows Like Rudra The Edge

Against the Ice is a genuine narrative of camaraderie, affection, and the power of friendship. It is set during Captain Ejnar Mikkelsen’s 1909 Arctic Expedition. The goal of this trip is to refute the United States’ pretension to Northeast Greenland, which is regarded to be a separate landmass. Mikkelsen sets off on foot with Iver Iversen, determined to succeed, and succeeds to obtain proof that the nation is a single island; nevertheless, arriving at the vessel takes longer than anticipated. They return to a ship smashed in ice without anyone in sight after facing life-threatening challenges in the cold. As the 2 men fight distrust and anxiety in the face of a reality that is steadily slipping away from them, the lengthy delay to be saved commences.

The Weekend Away

The Weekend Away is modeled on Sarah Alderson’s best-selling novel of the same name. It portrays best friends, Beth, and Kate, on a trip to Croatia that goes horribly wrong. Kate mysteriously disappears and is eventually found killed, much to Beth’s dismay, after a booze-fueled night out. To add insult to injury, the authorities have named her as a defendant in the alleged murder. With little time on her hands, Beth rushes to discover the truth and establish her sincerity.

No Time To Die

10 Shows Like Rudra The Edge

No Time to Die is an espionage film released in 2021 by Eon Productions, and it is the 25th in the James Bond series, featuring Daniel Craig in his fifth and final performance as fictional British MI6 agent James Bond. Cary Joji Fukunaga directed the film, which was based on a narrative by Robert Wade, Neal Purvis, Fukunaga, and Phoebe Waller-Bridge. The series involves a now-retired Bond and Madeleine Swann as they live a more peaceful life. However, when he is assaulted by operatives of Spectre who say Madeline is complicit in the plot, the former 007 is thrust back into the conflict. Bond disappears for five years after dumping her and preferring isolation but is compelled to reappear when a dangerous foe strikes the globe with dangerous bioweapons.


10 Shows Like Rudra The Edge

In North India, a vast education fraud is brewing, with agents, undergraduates, politicians, and academics all working hand in hand. Is it possible to uncover it before more people are harmed? A college drama is a madhouse, and ‘Jugaadistan’ is a spectacle designed to display it all once more. This one has it all, from college romance to student activism to a massive exam scam, in eight extended episodes that are simple to binge-watch. It begins slowly, but we gradually become immersed in the lives of the students, who have been at the core of everything that happens on and off university. There are much too many personalities and sub-plots, which is also a significant detriment.


Pieces of Her

10 Shows Like Rudra The Edge

The narrative of Andy, who is wrapped up in a tragic mass shooting at a coffee shop, is told in Pieces of Her. Shortly afterward, she sees her mother, Laura, easily and viciously eliminate the threat. Andy’s viewpoint on their entire family dynamic changes as she unravels her mother’s behavior on that particular day. Figures from her mother’s history return soon after, and she is compelled to flee. She seeks to cobble together the shards of reality that her mother concealed long ago while on the voyage. Regrettably, this event brings back her mother’s old enemies, providing her with little choice but to run. Andy’s adventure begins as she rips back the covers of a past Laura left behind a long time back. The show is based on Karin Slaughter’s 2018 suspense novel of the same name.


Shortly before Diwali, the adult children come to their marital home in Bhopal, the city where they grew up. Rajan Chandel, for example, is attempting to strike the right balance between his obligations and objectives. As they finally get an opportunity to be together after so many years, they find themselves in situations that are emotionally taxing. They must negotiate unsolved disagreements in relationships as they face hardships, and they will learn to enjoy the brief moments shared with their dear ones.


10 Shows Like Rudra The Edge

Undekhi starts in the Sunderbans but quickly moves to Manali. Two killings are witnessed in much less than 30 minutes. DSP Barun Ghosh is looking into the murder of a police officer in the Sunderban, whose mangled body was discovered in the woods. Two indigenous girls are on the run, and Ghosh is on their tail, suspecting them of being the killers. The first look was unveiled on June 21, 2020, and the trailer was published on June 26, 2020. The program is based on real events and illustrates two sides of society: power-hungry prominent people who believe they can get away with everything, and downtrodden groups who have been tortured for years and eventually resolve to pursue retribution.



The first season, based on the book You, began in September 2018 on Lifetime and features Joe Goldberg, a bookstore employee and serial murderer who finds love and acquires an insane addiction. Penn Badgley, Zach Cherry, Luca Padovan, Elizabeth Lail, and Shay Mitchell feature in the season. You were inspired by Kepnes’ follow-up thriller Hidden Bodies, which was commissioned for a season 2 by Lifetime in July 2018. The program was then transferred to Netflix, with the second season arriving in December 2019. Joe travels to Los Angeles for the season and meets up with local socialite Love Quinn. Ambyr Childers was promoted to a recurring character for the second season, alongside freshly featured James Scully, Victoria Pedretti,  and Jenna Ortega.

Joe and Love are wedded and parenting their newborn son, Henry, inside this Californian neighborhood of Madre Linda in the third installment. As their marital interaction introduces a different twist, Joe keeps repeating the cycle of fixation with a renewed interest in Natalie, the next-door neighbor. This round, Love will reverse the screenplay to guarantee that her dream of creating the perfect family isn’t shattered by Joe’s addictive behavior.

Sharp Objects

Sharp Objects is a 2018 American crime thriller television series that premiered on HBO on July 8, 2018, and is inspired by Gillian Flynn’s 2006 breakthrough novel of the same title. Camille Preaker is a distressed reporter who journeys to her homeland.  Camille Preaker, an alcoholic who was recently published from a psychiatric facility following years of self-harm, travels to her hometown of Wind Gap, Missouri, to uncover the killings of two young girls. When Camille returns to her family’s house, she is once again scrutinized by her mother, Adora, a small-town aristocrat, forcing her to examine her internal problems.

Camille hasn’t spoken to her crazy, hypochondriac mom in years, or to her half-sister, a lovely thirteen-year-old with an unsettling grip on the community, whom she barely knows. Camille suddenly finds herself relating with the victims a little too strongly—in her old bedroom in her family’s Victorian house. She needs to solve the psychological jigsaw of her own past if she really is to obtain the story—and endure this homecoming—as she is plagued by her own nightmares.

B: The Beginning

Production I.G and Kazuto Nakazawa made the original net animation anime series B: The Beginning. The show premiered on Netflix globally on March 2, 2018. B: Succession, the second season, aired on March 18, 2021. Crime and action wash over the archipelagic republic of Cremona, influenced on the bustling metropolis of Cremona in Italy as well as other cities of Lombardy such as Milan, in a universe fueled by modern technology. The main character is “Murderer B,” a vengeful serial murderer who has wreaked havoc on the metropolis. On the way to achieving their goals, the tales of the protagonist Koku, Keith, a renowned investigator of the Royal Investigation Service (RIS), and a mysterious criminal organization interweave.