Zero Chill Season 2 Release Date: Renewed? Canceled?

We come across many dramas and series that mainly focus on teenagers and adolescents and we call these genres Teen dramas. While this type generally shows the life of a protagonist in high school or college, surrounds their family, relationships, and many more but very rarely do we see some teen drama mainly leaned through sports and have elements that encourage and inspire us. A recent drama by Netflix is one of few of them titled “Zero Chill” which is British television series created by Kirstie Falkous and John Regier and produced by Lime Pictures. Many fans who love this are now rooting for its second season as only one season is always enough for us especially when it got praises from everyone. So, what’s the renewal status, whether we will get the second season or not? we have answered all types of questions related to Zero Chill Season 2 as well as its release date, cast, and story.

Zero Chill Season 2 Release Date

Zero Chill Season 2 Release Date

Written by Adam Usden, the primary first season was delivered to us on 15 March 2021. Entailing 10 episodes which all came out on the same day which is of 26–34 minutes in runtime.

When we see the rating of the series on IMDb, it has got 5.7 out of 10 based on 1,170 users voting which indicates not so good performance however the drama is included in a broad number of top 10s across the world. Altogether, Zero Chill made it into 49 diverse top ten records on Netflix throughout the planet, including the USA, where it remained for five days.

Zero Chill Season 1 Release Date15 March 2021
Zero Chill Season 2 Release DateNo announcement made

Since Zero Chill season 1 premiered not too long ago, it’s too early to expect anything as we all know that Netflix usually takes some time to evaluate how some particular series do in terms of ratings and reviews and whether it’s worth investing in that for the future installments.

In the case of Zero Chill, no announcements are made yet, we are still sitting to hear something in favor of the second season. Since the series is quite popular and gained attention from mainly the younger generations which is not too surprising as it is a teen drama, so it’s uncertain that it will face cancellation either way. Now, we just have to wait for quite months to get something certain about Zero Chill Season 2.

Netflix takes three to four months to renew a show. Firstly, it depends upon the popularity of the show and secondly, whether there is enough story line left for the second season.


Zero Chill Season 2 Cast

Zero Chill Season 2 Cast

The drama features actors like Grace Beedie in the role of Kayla MacBentley who is a figure skater who is compelled to move to England when her twin sibling, Mac who is offered a spot on the Hammers, Dakota Benjamin Taylor as “Macintosh” MacBentley who is a skilled yet pompous hockey player for the Hammers, Jeremias Amoore as Bear Stelzer who is a skipper of the Hammers and Sam’s older sibling, Anastasia Chocholatá as Ava Hammarström who is a professional skater who needs to try-out for her dad’s hockey team, Leonardo Fontes as Sam Stelzer who is a goalie for the Hammers and Bear’s gullible younger sibling, Jade Ma as Sky Tyler who is an ice skater who halted due to having leukemia and she is Kayla’s best friend and Mac’s love interest.

Moving along, we also have Sarah-Jane Potts as Jenny MacBentley who is the mother of Kayla and Mac, Doug Rao as Luke MacBentley who is the dad of Kayla and Mac, and associate mentor for the Hammers, Tanja Ribič as Elina Hammarström who is the brutal and domineering mother of Ava and Anton’s ex-wife, Oscar Skagerberg as Anton Hammarström who is Ava’s dad, mentor of the Hammers and Elina’s ex-husband, Stan Steinbichler as Nico Haas who is one of Mac’s partners who takes an aversion to him, and lastly, Christina Tam as Holly Tyler who is the overprotective mother of Sky who is hesitant to allow her daughter to skate again because of Sky’s well-being. 

For the subsequent season, we expect it to see most of the actors mentioned above and make a return and reprise their respective roles. We could see some additional and new faces for the recurring and side roles. But nothing is firm yet.

Zero Chill Season 2 Story

Zero Chill is a show that depicts the story MacBentley twins, Kayla and Mac. The two adolescents are skilled on the ice yet Mac has the sort of rising star that frequently obscures his sister. They both have different passions to follow and different dreams to achieve. That is made crystal clear when the MacBentleys get their lives to move to England so Mac can turn into an individual from the Hammarström hockey group. The move powers Kayla to break her sets skating organization and begin once again in another spot. It likewise makes strain between the twins as Kayla battles for her dream to be seen and thought about similarly however much Mac’s are.

The last scene in Zero Chill 10 episodes sees various story strings left hanging that could be gotten in an expected second season. 

Zero Chill Trailer

Until we get the release date and trailer of Zero Chill Season 2, check out the first season’s trailer here and start watching the drama if you haven’t yet which is available to stream on Netflix anytime.  

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