Hwarang Season 2 Release Date: Arrived? Canceled?

Isn’t it surprising to know that South Korean drama is even more popular outside the origin country? But actually, it’s true. Even though we have many Hollywood and Bollywood series, we cannot neglect the craze of fans about the k dramas. A person who has not watched any of the Korean series will find it very unusual that fans can watch multiple episodes in one go. Firstly, the fascination towards the South Korean actors attracts the people but they gradually start liking the entire concept, whether it is about the story, cast, or cinematography. Gradually people start dreaming about this series.

It’s not only the romantic shows that are popular all over the world but every genre is special in its own way. Historical series are also garnering more viewers and is one of the favorite categories of many people when it comes to choosing their genre. Here, we have explained every aspect of the second season of Hwarang. After season 1 concluded itself abruptly, fans can’t wait to you have the next season before their screens. This post will let you know about the Hwarang season 2 release date, cast, expected plot, and trailer details.

Hwarang Season 2 Release Date

Hwarang Season 2

The last episode of season 1 was aired on 21st February 2017. It was a hit for the makers and hence, received acclamation from various critics and the audience was also happy. The first episode dropped on 19th December 2016 and now it’s been a long time and yet there is no confirm detail about the happening of Hwarang season 2. If you look at its possibility then the factors that decide the renewal of this historical series are favorable for the fans. There are two important and valid reasons for which the next installment should be planned as soon as possible. Firstly, the makers cannot neglect the ratings and reviews to expect a successful commencement of the next installment. And in this case, Hwarang is totally safe. IMDB has rated this series as 8 out of 10 and this is enough for the team to plan season 2. Secondly, a series is restored or revived for future seasons if it has a large scale of viewers.

Hwarang Season 1 Release Date21st February 2017
Hwarang Season 2 Release DateNo release date announced

Going through this aspect, Hwarang did not has a bad performance. It was all fair during the release of the previous episodes. Apart from these two elements, Hwarang season 1 received nominations in various awards. After going through all these factors it seems like season 2 is worth making for the official team as well as the people. However Hwarang season 2 is still to get an official confirmation. Only after then, fans will be getting to know about the release date. But, our best guess about the Hwarang season 2 release date is sometime in 2022. On the other hand, even after 5 years we yet rely on the probability and hopes of the future parts, it seems like it is unlikely to happen in the near time.

Hwarang Season 2 Trailer

This season is under suspicion so we don’t have any trailer for season 2. Till then, catch up on the previous episodes on KBS and refresh yourselves.

Hwarang Season 2 Cast

The famous actor of What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, Park Seo-Joon is one of the main characters. In the series, he is called, Moo-Myung. Go Ara is in the role of Kim Ah-ro who later on falls in love with Moo-Myung. The main actor of Strong Girl Do Bong Soon, Park Hyung-Sik is in the shoes of Sam Maek Jong. These three are in the list of main cast members while many others were in the supporting roles in Hwarang season 1.
Apart from them, BTS famous singer and songwriter, V (the stage name) is also part of this series. His presence itself was enough to please the fans. He played the role of Suk Hang-Sun.

Hwarang season 1 had amazing actors and all of them were superb. They were even recognized during the nominations. This increases the chance for many of the actors to return and reprise their respective parts.

Hwarang Season 2 Story

After the death of king Beopheung, her wife, Queen Ji So is in the charge of the administration of the entire Kingdom. To protect her son, Sam Maek Jong, she sends him outside the kingdom so that he can remain safe from the enemies and no one can target him. As time passes, the other nobles, citizens, and Sam Maek Jong himself want the queen to transfer the power and give up the throne. Queen Ji So is already aware of those powerful people who have tried to dethrone her. This was the reason she was not willing to transfer the power to her son.

To handle the powerful nobles she decides to create a new group of elite people called Hwarang. Sam Maek Jong also joins the group and everyone is unaware of the fact that he is going to be the future king of the kingdom. At the same time, a common individual, Kim Seon-u, has many secrets that are gradually revealed over the course of time.
In the next season, the plot can take several new twists and turns. This is going to make the story more interesting.

So to sum up, no release date has been announced by the original makers yet, so we have to wait a little while longer until the fate of the show is decided.

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