Raising Kanan Season 2 Release Date, Cast, And More!

Sascha Penn’s Power Book III: Raising Kanan is an American crime thriller drama tv series that launched on Starz on July 18, 2021. It is a precursor to Power and the second spin-off. The sitcom got approved for a season 2 prior to its broadcast in July 2021. Raising Kanan is a movie set in the 1990s that follows Kanan Stark (the persona first portrayed by exec producer Curtis “50 Cent”) as he enters the drug business.

Raising Kanan Season 2 Release Date

Power Raising Kanan has yet to be given an official announcement, however, depending on the annual period, a summer 2022 release date appears to be a possibility. On July 12, 2021, Raising Kanan was extended for a second season, more than a week before the show’s premiere on July 18, 2021. Nevertheless, the show did not dwell on Kanan’s involvement in the criminal world, and now a premeditated murder by the opportunistic drug trafficker has created quite a cliffhanger for the next season.

Seasons Release Dates
Raising Kanan Season 1 Release DateJuly 18, 2021
Raising Kanan Season 2 Release DateTBA


Raising Kanan Season 2 Story

Raising Kanan Season 2 Release Date

The second season of Power Raising Kanan will begin with Kanan attempting to assassinate his father, Detective Malcolm Howard. The juvenile trafficker attacked the officer and left him for ghosts, but we found out in the season one finale that Malcolm had escaped the bullet and was now conscious. Regardless of the fact that Unique was already jailed, his mother, Raquel, wants to frame him for the crime. Will the investigator decide to put his son’s safety first?

Elsewhere, Kanan is sheltering in Maryland, but he has extensive ties to the mob in South Jamaica, New York – and he has no idea that the cop he killed is his father. Raquel is a tough lady who, after first shielding him from her drug peddling, was caught bringing him into the family enterprise. Thus according to actor Mekai Curtis, upcoming episodes will concentrate on everyone else’s actions having consequences, and how this “molds and molds Kanan and his thoughts.”

Raising Kanan Season 1 Recap

Kanan Stark, 15, is inclined to meet his family’s booming drug operation, which is managed by his mother, Raquel Raq Thomas, in South Jamaica, Queens, in 1991. Raq does all it takes to get the bullseye off Kanan’s back when a competing member of the crew is slain. Kanan, still hurting from a horrific tragedy, tries to break into the drug business with Marvin’s help, whilst Raq prepares to eliminate her rival. When a police crackdown settles out Raq’s rival, all horses are off; agreements are violated, truths are uncovered, and vengeance is swift. Raq redesigns her operation when the stash house is struck, eager to improve her business; Kanan is jailed following a confrontation with Scrappy.

Lou’s new art exhibition becomes a focal point for Raq and Unique’s feud; Kanan concocts a drug-dealing scheme with Marvin. The passive income of Kanan and Marvin goes bad; Raq wants vengeance for the assault on Scrappy; Jukebox experiences a catastrophic blow. After Raq learns that Kanan is behind the awful crack on the streets, he suffers. Raq looks to Kanan for help that only he can provide as Marvin seeks vengeance. Raq rushes to get Kanan out of serious trouble as the scenario in the neighborhood worsens.

Raising Kanan Season 2 Cast

Raising Kanan Season 2 Release Date

The main cast includes Patina Miller as Raquel Thomas, London Brown as Marvin Thomas, Toby Sandeman as Symphony Bosket,  Malcolm Mays as Lou Lou, Joey Bada$$ as Unique. Hailey Kilgore as Laverne “Jukebox” Thomas, Shanley Caswell as Shannon Burke,  Lovie Simone as Davina Harrison, Omar Epps as Malcolm Howard, and Makai Curtis as Kanan Stark.

The recurring cast includes AnnaLynne McCord as Toni Deep, Natalee Linez as Jessica Figueroa, Antonio Ortiz as Shawn ‘Famous’ Figueroa, Ade Chike Torbert as Scrappy. Quincy Brown as Crown Camacho, John Clay III as Worrell,  Annabelle Zasowski as Nicole Bingham, Lebrodrick Benson as Cj. LeToya Luckett as Kenya, Omar Dorsey as Cartier “Duns” Fareed, Paulina Singer as Zisa, Lawrence Gilliard Jr. as Deen, Michael Rispoli as Sal Boselli, and Paloma Guzman as Detective Regina Foyle.

Where To Watch Raising Kanan Season 2?

Raising Kanan is available in the U.S. on Starz and in the U.K. on Starzplay. In the U. S., Power launched on Starz and is currently available on Netflix in the U.k. Power: Ghost premiered on Starz and is now featured on Starzplay, which can be accessed through Amazon Prime Video in the UK.