6 Shows Like Reply 1988 That are Available to Stream Right Now!

Lee Hye-ri, Ryu Jun-yeol, Go Kyung-Pyo, Park Bo-gum, and Lee Dong-hwi star in the South Korean television program Reply 1988. It centers around five friends and their families who live in the very same community in Ssangmun-dong, Dobong Area, Northern Seoul, starting in 1988. From November 6, 2015, through January 16, 2016, it aired on tvN every Friday and Saturday for 20 episodes.

The audience just loves this type of show but is struggling to one more show like this. So, we do some research, and here is the list of top 6 shows like Replay 1988 which you can stream right now.

Welcome to Waikiki

Shows Like Reply 1988

Three different young men — Dong Goo, who aspires to be a film director, Joon Ki, an erratic performer who acts for a living, and Doo Shik, a freelance writer who spends much of his time doing nothing – open a guest home in Itaewon called “Waikiki,” where so many foreigners stay. They’re anxious to earn money to pay for the production of their upcoming film, despite having no idea how to operate it. They are joined by Dong Goo’s younger sister, Seo Jin, who administers the household in Waikiki, Yoon Ah, a single mother who has arrived at the guest house unexpectedly with her infant, and Dong Goo’s ex-girlfriend Soo Ah. This show was released on JTBC on February 5, 2018.

Her Private Life

Sung Deok-mi is the excellent top curator of the Cheum Museum of Art, but she has a mystery: she is a die-hard fan of White Ocean’s Cha Shi-an. She’s also the fansite manager for the well-known “The Road to Sian,” whose abbreviation she uses as her screen name. Ryan Gold is a reclusive artist who suffers from Stendhal syndrome and eventually stops working as an artist. After the current Art Director, Uhm So-hye, is investigated for theft, Ryan Gold takes over Cheum Museum of Art as a new art director. This is a 2019 Korean Drama that is currently available to stream on Netflix.

The Bride of Habeak

Shows Like Reply 1988

When Lord Ha-Baek, the god of the Land of Water, comes to Earth in search of the sacred stones he needs to take the throne of the Divine Realm, he enlists the services of neuropsychiatrist So-ah, the last descendant of a middle-class family doomed to serve him for ages. She first opposes him because she does not believe he is a god and believes he is suffering from a mental disorder. She agrees to help him in his journey after meeting the deity of the Land of the Sky, Bi-ryeom, the goddess of the Land of Water, Mu-ra, and the demigod Hu-ye. This Romantic drama is currently streaming on TvN Asia.


Hi Bye, Mama

Shows Like Reply 1988

Since she died in a horrific accident five years ago, Cha Yu-ri has become a ghost. She is offered the opportunity to reincarnate as a human if she returns to her original location within 49 days, thanks to a reincarnation project. Cho Gang-Hwa, her spouse, has since remarried. She must choose between her happiness and the happiness of her husband. This is a South Korean television comedy drama released on TvN on February 22, 2020.

Twenty-Five Twenty-One

A teen fencer pursues high ambitions and meets a determined young man who strives to repair his life at a time when goals seem out of reach. Kim Min-Chae, Na Hee-daughter, do’s quits ballet and “runs away” to her grandmother’s house in the current day. She comes upon her mother’s diary throughout her visit. The story is primarily set in 1998 and is told through Min-chae reading Hee-diary. This South Korean television drama was released on February 12, 2022, and is currently available to stream on Netflix with English subtitles.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo

Shows Like Reply 1988

Kim Bok-Joo (Lee Sung-Kyung), a young woman pursuing her ambition of weightlifting on an athletic university campus, develops feelings for Jung Joon-(Nam Hyung’s Joo-Hyuk) elder brother Jung Jae-Yi (Lee Jae-Yoon). Joon Hyung taunts her at first and goes along with her act, even assisting her, but he soon falls in love with her. This is a coming-of-age story about a group of collegiate athletes who are striving for their aspirations, experiencing and discovering love along the road, and maturing at every turn.

This is a South Korean Olympic drama aired on MBC from November 16, 2016, and ended the show on January 11, 2017. Yang Hee-Seung, who wrote the 2015 romantic comedies Oh My Ghostess and High School King of Savvy, is writing the series, which is directed by PD Oh Hyun-Joong, who also helmed 7th Grade Civil Servant. The first script reading took conducted in August 2016 at Sangam, Seoul, South Korea’s MBC TV station.