The Parisian Agency Season 3 Release Date Latest Details Finally Out!

The Parisian Agency: Exclusive Properties is a reality television show set in Paris, France. It follows the Boulogne-based Kretz family and their private luxury real estate brokerage Kretz & Partners, which has “ordinary” origins. It aired in France and Monaco on TMC (part of TF1) on September 24, 2020. On June 23, 2021, it was broadcast as a Netflix Original in the United States.

Hugo Jaguenau approached the Kretz family with the concept of making a television series. Réservoir Prod is the company behind it. The main photography took place over a six-month period.

As of now, they release only one season and have 5 episodes in it, each episode is 30 to 40 minutes long, in which they explore different properties in France. The show’s primary flaw is its focus on family life, which overshadows the series’ true selling point: the houses themselves. The first property we looked at was a 1,000-year-old, 800-square-meter castle with 14 beds and a €15 million asking price. The castle and its owner are charmingly eccentric, and it’s fascinating to see how France’s richest adorn their antique properties (one of the highlights is a toilet that has been outfitted with an actual throne).

To get there, though, it takes thirteen minutes of family introduction. Forgivable in the first episode, but not when you consider that the second episode takes a full twenty-two minutes without showing any form of property, and twelve of those twenty-two minutes are spent on a dragged-out family therapy session.

The Parisian Agency Season 3 Release Date

The Persian Agency Season 3 Release Date

For those who are really interested in interior design and arts or in architecture, this show is definitely a must-watch. Now, locations in Paris, France, the beauty and rich environment of the show makes it a really amazing reality Tv program. However, the show is so, good and a lot of people watching it in France, and after the release of the show on Netflix, makes it is very popular among the international audience, the update on its another is yet have to come.

Though the show is very popular, show creators haven’t decided yet on the show’s future, where some rumors are coming out that the show might get canceled after its second season, but those rumors are hard to verify. But it is too soon to say anything on season 3 as season 2 is yet to come. However, the second season is confirmed by Netflix, that they will release season of The Parisian Agency, but the official release date is yet to come even for season 2, so for season 3 it is hard to comment anything. Fans are expecting season 2 to release in September 2022, so an update on season 3 will come out after that.

That’s all the news we have got, for now, if we get any update related to the show’s season 3 release date or season 2 release date, we will make sure to update this page with the newest information and updates.


The Parisian Agency Season 3 Story

The Persian Agency Season 3 Release Date

Olivia and Sandrine Kretz, the agency’s co-founders, have recruited their 3 grown children — 31-year-old Martin, 29-year-old Valentin, and 25-year-old Louis — on board one by one. Raphael, the family’s fourth son, is still in school but quips that the family speaks about real estate so often that he could join the business and be up to speed right away.

It’s clearly a different business environment, as the brothers joke along with one another and set up their 87-year-old grandma Majo on a senior dating website. The properties, on the other hand, are no laughing matter.

Lisa, for example, is the founder and CEO of her own lingerie firm. When Lisa meets with Sandrine, she expresses her desire to find a permanent home and office space at the same time. Because of their charm, she favors older homes. Her budget is only €8 million. Valentin shows her a modern property near the Seine that has luxurious features but she dislikes how cold it is. Despite the “male” main bathroom, a 19th-century home is a better fit, and she still needs office space, and Sandrine has yet another customer sniffing about. However, as spectacular as the flats and residences they advertise in Paris are, Olivier and his sons travel 50 kilometers outside of town to visit a castle with a remodeled interior owing to the owner, a well-known designer.