Suspicion Episode 6 Release Date Is Out Now!

We never get tired of watching thriller movies and murder mysteries right. No matter what every series brings a different story to us. Series and movies related to kidnapping are way too common in all genres. But what if the officials arrested the wrong culprits? What will happen if the culprits are not able to prove their innocence? Well, thousand other questions pop into our heads. Suspicion is one such series that brings us a different story.

Suspicion is an American thriller series created by Rob Williams and directed by Chris Long. The series is based on an Israel series False Flag by Maria Feldman and Amit Cohen. The story revolves around five people who are wrongly arrested for the kidnap of the son of a prominent media person. The series is the English version of an award-winning Israeli thriller series. The executive producers of the series are Rob Williams, Chris Long, Howard Burch, Avi Nir, Anna Winger, and Liat Benasuly. The composer of the series is Gilad Benamram and Keshet UK is the production company that produced the series.

Suspicion Episode 6 Release Date

Suspicion Episode 6 Release Date

The first episode of the series “Persons of Interest” was released on 4 February 2022. So far 5 episodes have been released by Apple TV+. each episode has a running time of 44 to 50 minutes. Though the entire season is not released, the first 4 episodes managed to impress the audience with their thriller storyline. The audience is desperately waiting for the release of the 6th episode of the series and fortunately, the official announcement of the release date is made. The 6th episode “Be the Gray Man” will be released on March 4, 2022. The upcoming episodes are expected to be released every Friday. So let’s keep our cool and wait for its release. 

Suspicion Episode 1 Release DateFebruary 4, 2022
Suspicion Episode 2 Release DateFebruary 4, 2022
Suspicion Episode 3 Release DateFebruary 11, 2022
Suspicion Episode 4 Release DateFebruary 18, 2022
Suspicion Episode 5 Release DateFebruary 25, 2022
Suspicion Episode 6 Release DateMarch 4, 2022

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Suspicion Season 1 Recap

The story begins with the kidnap of the son of a famous U.S media person, Katherine Newman. Vanessa and Scott are the investigating officers who take up this case. They unfold new things when they interrogate the suspects. They suspect five people- three men and two women. Their life turns upside down when they were marked as the suspects of a kidnapping case by the London police. They corporate with the police during interrogation and after the interrogation, they return back to their home and try to continue with their normal life.

T takes a turn when the secret connection between the suspects is revealed. But being the suspects of the kidnap case, they started to face difficulties in their lives, especially people start to view them in a different way. So the two suspects, Eddie and Adesh team up to clear their names. Meanwhile, Natalie helps Vanessa and Scott to solve the case. Katherine faces pressure from her own people. But things get worse when the officers try to turn the suspects into culprits. So the five of them decide to hide in a country cottage and try to figure out who framed them as culprits or who is the kidnaper among them. Since there is no point in staying there they decide to run in different ways so that none of them will get caught. 

Suspicion Episode 6 Cast

Suspicion Cast

Georgina Campbell as Natalie Thompson, Elizabeth Henstridge as Tara McAllister, Angel Coulby as Vanessa Okoye, Clare Perkins as Natalie and Monique’s mother, Kunal Nayyar as Aadesh Chopra, Tom Rhys Harries as Eddie Walker, Lydia West as Monique Thompson, Noah Emmerich as Scott Anderson, Uma Thurman as Katherine Newman, Ross McCall as Owen Neilssen, Elyes Gabel as Sean Tilson, Gerran Howell as Leo Newman, Mandip Gill as Sonia Chopra, Parth Thakerar as Shiv Kapoor, Faraz Ayub as Ajay Kapoor, Kulvinder Ghir as Rakesh Kapoor, Ben Bailey Smith as Joe Gibson, Robert Glenister as Martin Copeland, Martin Savage as Reuben Carson, Ian McElhinney as Sean’s Grandad, Dominic Tighe as Steve McAllister. These are the actors who impressed the audience with their acting. 

Where To Watch Suspicion?

Suspicion  Season 1 is now available on Apple TV+. What are you waiting for? Grab your drinks with popcorn and enjoy the show. Suspenseful thriller episodes are waiting for you. 

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