When Are We Getting Severance Episode 4 Release Date?

Severance is an American television series created by Dan Erickson and belongs to the thriller genre. we have only received 3 episodes for the series and still, it has become one of the fan favorites. The show has also received very positive remarks from the critic’s side along with an 8.1 IMDb rating which is quite admirable and makes the show worth a watch for all. The show can be considered as a completely unique piece of work based on the storyline it has been following. The story revolves around the Lumon industries where the procedure of severance is performed on the employees so that their work life and personal life memories can be differentiated artificially.

Though some twists come into the story and we end up in a big mystery where the protagonist of the show goes after finding the truth behind the entire company and the work they do. The show is filled with a lot of drama and nerve-racking moments which will force every one of the viewers to cling onto their seats while watching the show. The timetable for all the episodes of the show has always been out. The success the makers have got with the series makes it quite evitable that there is going to be a season 2 for the series. but based on the storyline, there is still a question mark. For more updates, we will have to wait for the maker’s words.

Severance Episode 4 Release Date

Severance Episode 4 Release Date

The first season of the show is set to have a total of 9 episodes in total. The show premiered its first two episodes on apple tv on the 18th of February, 2022 after which we have been receiving the following episodes in a weekly order. The fourth episode is set to release on the 4th of March 2022 and the fifth episode on the 11th of March 2022. The season finale tat is the 9th episode of the show is set to release on April 8, 2022, which will mark the conclusion of this extravagant show. All the episodes have a runtime of about 55 minutes each. Though we still haven’t received an update regarding season 2 for the show, there is a chance for season 2 for sure and that will predictably release in the middle or end of 2023.

Severance Episode 1 Release DateFebruary 18, 2022
Severance Episode 2 Release DateFebruary 18, 2022
Severance Episode 3 Release DateFebruary 25, 2022
Severance Episode 4 Release DateMarch 4, 2022


Severance Episode 3 Recap

As we know, we have already received three episodes of the series. the show starts with the introduction to the character helly on whom the process of severance has just been done by the lumon industries. Though a bit puzzled she slowly ends up coping with all those things that she doesn’t remember. Then comes the entrance of the show’s protagonist mark scout, who is also an employee in the lumon industries and has just received a promotion and is given a team to head after the resignation of his former co-worker Petey.

Soon as mark tries to live his personal life in his way, there comes an interference from his work life, Petey has returned and has told mark that something big is going on behind the entire organization which triggers our protagonist too. The story continues with a lot of office drama and Helly being rebellious which threw mark into a false situation. He again meets with Petey outside his work and now mark offers him to live with him until they find out the entire story, though soon Petey starts getting hallucinations after seeing Mrs. Selvig and running away from mark’s place and Helly continues to be a mess at her workspace.

Severance Episode 4 Story

The fourth episode of the show will mainly focus on what happens to Helly after she was sent to the break room and we will also get some updates about Petey after he is taken into a hospital after his panic attack and maybe mark will also get some lead on the big story behind lumon industry. The fourth episode will be full of plot twists and much more nerve-racking moments than the previous episodes.

Where Can We Watch Severance?

Severance is a complete exclusive available only on Apple Tv. Though in the future based on the series’ success, it may be available on other streaming platforms.

Severance Episode 4 Trailer

Severance Episode 4 Release Date

We haven’t received any trailer or promo, particularly from the fourth episode, though the trailer for the show is currently available on YouTube as well as on apple tv.