Is Tinder Swindler In Jail?

The Tinder Swindler is a British crime documentary movie which is directed by Felicity Morris. It was released on Netflix on 2nd February 2022. The narrative recounts the tale of the Israeli conman Simon Leviev (conceived Shimon Hayut) who utilized the dating application Tinder to associate with people who he then, at that point, sincerely maneuvered toward monetarily supporting his sumptuous way of life on the misrepresentation he really wanted the cash to get away from his “foes.”

The film is produced by Bernadette Higgins and the cinematography is done by Edgar Dubrovskiy. The film has an overall positive response from the fans. It has a rating of 7.2/10 on IMDb and an approval rating of 96% on Rotten Tomatoes. The movie is in the form of a documentary, with true footage of the events and some interviews of the people involved. Pernilla Sjoholm, Cecilie Fjellhøy, and Ayleen Charlotte are three of the victims of the Tinder Swindler who also shared their stories in this Netflix documentary.

Is Tinder Swindler In Jail?

Is Tinder Swindler In Jail

Hayut served over two years in a Finnish jail in the wake of being seen as the culprit for swindling three ladies. He additionally served 15 months in an Israeli jail in the wake of being indicted for four extortion charges. However, he was released just after five months. As of now, he is a free man despite the charges against him and the frauds he has committed. Shimon still claims that he is an innocent man even though there are a lot of charges against him.

The dating application that empowered Hayut’s action, Tinder has prohibited the swindler from the application. Following Netflix’s delivery on 2nd February, the three asserted casualties of Hayut who shared their accounts on the Netflix movie. Cecilie Fjellhøy, Pernilla Sjoholm, and Ayleen Charlotte started crowdfunding efforts, wanting to collect sufficient cash to clear their obligations and debts.

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Tinder Swindler Story

An Israeli conman, initially known as Shimon Hayut, went around Europe, introducing himself as the child of Russian-Israeli diamond trader Lev Leviev. He utilized the dating application Tinder to contact ladies as Simon Leviev. After that, he fooled them into loaning him cash that he never reimbursed. He would enchant ladies with extravagant gifts and take them to suppers on personal luxury planes. For doing it, he utilized the cash he acquired from different ladies he recently conned. Shimon would later imagine he was being designated by his “foes”, regularly sending similar messages and pictures to every lady, showing that he had recently been assaulted with a blade, yet that his guardian had saved him and was harmed.

Shimon then, at that point, requested that his casualties help him monetarily because of the break of ‘safety’, supposedly obstructing his utilization of his Mastercards and financial balances; the ladies would frequently take out bank advances and new Mastercards to help. He would then utilize the cash acquired through the trickiness to bait new casualties, while basically working a Ponzi conspire. Afterward, he would profess to reimburse his casualties by sending fashioned reports showing counterfeit bank moves. Thereafter, he would sever contact with the people in question. It’s assessed that he cheated $10 million from individuals across the globe.

Where To Watch Tinder Swindler?

Is Tinder Swindler In Jail

The documentary is available on Netflix. Fans all over the world can watch it after they have subscribed to Netflix. Since it is specifically made by this OTT platform, it is only available on Netflix as of now.

Tinder Swindler Cast

The cast of the documentary film is as follows: Kristoffer Kumar as Self, Cecilie Fjellhøy as Self, Pernilla Sjöholm as Self, Ayleen Charlotte as Self, Erlend Ofte Arntsen as Self, Natalie Remøe Hansen as Self, and Simon Leviev as Self.

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