Is Marco Polo Worth Watching?

Marco polo is a historical drama series that is exclusively available on Netflix presently. The series has gained much prominence among all those people who are intrigued by historical drama and is based on the early stages of the renowned Marco polos life when he used to serve in the courts of Kublai Khan and how he gained such prominence in the empire along with all those events which lay his path to his further glorified future in the timeline. The show has got a huge fanbase with only two seasons in hand and has received a solid 8.0 IMDb rating which speaks for itself, according to critics, the show is very well written and has handled minute details of every event from the timeline.

The show had already aired for two seasons and fans are very much excited for the third season but unfortunately, Netflix and the makers of the show have decided to discontinue the show and breaking the hearts of many fans. Other than the IMDB rating, the huge fanbase, and the words of critics, the show is a huge success on part of the makers economically, and considering all factors we can surely state that the series is surely worth a watch for all those people who haven’t tried the series yet. The show will take you on an extraordinary ride into the lives of the people in the Mongolian ruling period and will surely thrill you with every episode.

Is Marco Polo Worth Watching?

Is Marco Polo Worth Watching

The first season of the show was released on December 26th of 2014 and all the episodes of the show were dropped t once, we also received a Christmas special in the month of December of 2015 and soon the season 2 of the show aired on Netflix in June 2016 which marks the conclusion of the series. though the show has been canceled after that, it is very common for makers to change their minds regarding such successful shows, and thus if there is a renewal for season 3 we will have to wait for at least December of 2023. The first two seasons of the show had approximately 10 episodes each with each episode having a runtime of nearly 50-60 minutes and it is also predicted that if there is a third season for the show, it will also follow the same pattern as the previous seasons.


Marco Polo Season 2 Story

Season 2 of the show has a total of 10 episodes and the first episode of the show begins with the marriage of Kublai Khan’s son jingim’s marriage to the blue princess who used to be in a secret love relationship with Marco earlier.

However the marriage is full of chaos as byamba arrives at the wedding and tells Kublai khan about his brother claiming the throne of the empire, we also continue seeing the journey of Mei Lin along with Marco in search of the boy emperor and Mei Lin ends up setting the path quite easy for Marco, soon they end up finding the boy emperor but are now being chased by his handmaiden, soon we see the boy emperor reaching the capital and in front of Kublai and many ideas rising in the court regarding what to do with the boy, however, we end up seeing Kublai suffocating the boy to death which disgusts the empress along with Marco. Soon as the story proceeds, we see Kublai khan going on a hike with Marco and discussing how he is troubled with what he did while jingim goes around the territory trying to get people on his side before the upcoming struggle for the throne.

We also see an episode where the empress forces the blue princess to get impregnated by a stable boy after her first miscarriage so that they end up getting an heir before the power struggle begins. The story continues towards the end where we see the people siding with Kublai and standing against kaiju because of his aggressive tactics and also leads to the killing of kaidu by Marco again proving his loyalty to the khan of khans.

Marco Polo Season 3 Story

 As we have already seen in season 2 the third season if it happens will revolve around the dealing of the Cristian army led by prester john and how the Mongols stand strong against them.

Marco Polo Season 3 Trailer

Is Marco Polo Worth Watching

Season 3 of the how hasn’t yet received a green flag and thus there isn’t a trailer yet available, though the previous seasons are currently available on Netflix along with their trailer being available on YouTube.