Is Until Life Do Us Part Season 2 Cancelled Or Renewed?

February, the month of love has once again brought you one more interesting and full of comedy, romantic drama, which you will just not miss. Until Life Do Us Part is a Portuguese romantic and family drama series that has recently released on Netflix. The series got directed by Manuel Pureza and co-written by Hugo Gonçalves, João Tordo, and Tiago R. Santos, and released under Coyote Vadio productions which is one of the famous Portuguese production companies. The story follows the Paixo family with three generations living under a single roof. It is full of family comedy dramas and emotions.

Until Life Do Us Part Season 2 Release Date

Until Life Do Us Part Season 2 Release Date

Before its release on Netflix, the series has already released in its home country Portugal on February 3, 2021, and ran till March 31, 2021. In 2022, Netflix decided to release this on its platform, and finally, season 1 of the series got released on February 10, 2022, and holds a good rating and review. It gained 7.8 ratings on IMDb and was liked by 94 % of people.

Ok, so you might be thinking about the next season of the series and when it will return on the TV screen. Till now, there has not been any updates and announcement of the same from the makers and Netflix itself. With the ending of season 1, there is a possibility that the series can renew for the upcoming season, but when? Well, it will take a month or two to announce its next release, and this can not happen before April 2022, if there will be the next installment of the series, then the audience might see it by the next year. Well, a long time, but the audience has to wait for that.

Until Life Do Us Part Season 1 Release Date February 3, 2021
Until Life Do Us Part Season 1 End DateMarch 31, 2021
Until Life Do Us Part Season 2 Release Date Not Confirmed

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Until Life Do Us Part Season 1 Recap

The series shows the grandparents Luisa and Joaquim with their next-generation Vanessa and Daniel along with Rita and Marco, the third generation who live under a single roof. The grandparents are happy with their marriage and live a happy life while the parents Vanessa and Daniel have come to the breaking point of their marriage, and the last generation is understanding every aspect of relationship and love as they both have their different perspectives over anything. The family runs a wedding planning company, but the business is not giving fruitful results to them.

Every member is trying to juggle between the business and their personal life. They are trying to maintain balance and emotions in their relationship. Vanessa is on her menopause and due to the hormonal imbalance, she finds every man to be attracted, which on the other hand spoils her relationship with Daniel who is a photographer and the son of millionaires. Marco is a sociology scholar while Rita helps Vanessa in the business while interviewing the couples. The main root cause in Vanessa and Daniel’s relationship is Vasco, Daniel’s friend who is a gallery photographer, who is in a secret relationship with her. At the end of season 1, the couple decided to get separated and hand over the business to their kids: Marco and Rita, who talk to Daniel’s parents to take the charge of everything. Watch this incredible family drama and live triangle series, which is just a masterpiece.

Until Life Do Us Part Season 2 Cast

Until Life Do Us Part Season 2 Release Date

The announcement of the cast too will be made in a month or two when the makers will announce its second installment. Maybe, the cast of season 1 can return in season 2 also, but the audience has to wait for the official announcement. Season 1 had amazing casts, who by their acting skills beautiful showed every aspect of the genre. Rita Loureiro was seen as Vanessa who is the main head and lead of the series with Dinarte Branco as Daniel, her husband. Madalena Almeida was seen as Rita, Henriqueta Maya as Lusa, José Peixoto along with José Condessa are shown as Joaquim with Teresa Tavares as Natàliá. There are also secondary casts too including Nuna Nunos as Dàrio, José Mata, and Albano Jerónimo in the character of Vasco along with Lourenço Ortigão as Jorge.

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