Stranger Season 3 Release Date And Cast Updates!

The stranger is a Korean Crime Thriller television series of South Korea directed by Ahn Gil-ho, Yoo Je-won and later for season 2, Park Hyun-suk takes command as a director. This series is made under the production of Signal Entertainment and IOK Media and created by Studio Dragons for tvN. This series was broadcasted on tvN from June 10, 2017, and then got renewed for the second season which was released on August 15, 2020.

This television show was written by Lee Soo-Yeon, who is currently working on the story of upcoming seasons. The series got positive reviews for its tight plot, thrilling moments, and outstanding performances from both domestic and international fans. It was named to the New York Times’ list of the Best TV Shows of 2017, and it received multiple honors, including the Baeksang Arts Awards’ Grand Prize for Television.

The entire series was created by Lee Soo-Yeon, who was inspired to develop the character of Si-Mok by the Korean proverb “We cannot dominate those who seek nothing.” With the help of Yoo Je-won, Ahn Gil-ho directed the majority of the first season, while Park Hyun-Seok took over filming duties for the second season.

Unlike other South Korean dramas, the series was conceived as a multi-seasonal project, with the majority of the filming completed before its airing. Stranger premiered on tvN on June 10, 2017, as a replacement for Chicago Typewriter. Except in Korea and China, Netflix bought the worldwide streaming rights to the series for US$200,000 per episode and showed it alongside tvN as a Netflix original program. According to the Korea Times, Bae Doona, who previously participated in the Netflix original series Sense8, was instrumental in the drama’s purchase.

Stranger Season 3 Release Date

Stranger Season 3 Release Date

The stranger is one of the finest Korean Crime Thrillers out there, as we have mentioned, the plot of the show is so tight, it hooks you up until you watch the entire season. Writer Lee Soo-Yeon plot the crime with the storyline of the characters is just an example of perfection. However, it may lose some point in between, where the audience finds it a bit slow.

As of its third installment, there is no such update on that. Neither the show’s creator nor the distributor has given their word yet. As we know the second season released in 2020, concerns the fans whether they going to update the show for another season.


Although the show is a success, the viewership is really huge and the show is critically acclaimed, we have seen many shows like that got canceled like Unbelievable on Netflix got canceled after one season. So, it is hard to say whether they going to renew the show or not, as it’s been years since the release of the last season. However, the show is not officially announced as canceled, so there is still a chance that they might come back with another season anytime soon.

So, the bottom line is that the show is neither updated for the second season nor canceled by the show’s creator, there is no update on Stranger Season 3. That’s all the information we have got, for now, if we get any further information related to the show’s future, we will make sure to update the page with the latest information.

Stranger Season 1 Release DateJune 10, 2017
Stranger Season 2 Release DateAugust 15, 2020
Stranger Season 3 Release DateNot Confirmed

Stranger Season 1 Recap

Stranger Season 3 Release Date

Hwang Si-Mok (Cho Seung-woo) is a brilliant prosecutor who suffers from hypersensitivity to particular sound frequencies in the first season. He lost his sense of empathy and social skills after undergoing corrective surgery. He meets Police Lieutenant Han Yeo-jin (Bae Doona) while investigating a murder and enlists his help in solving the case. As they begin to piece together the puzzle of the murder, they discover that their efforts are being thwarted by participants in a large corruption plot involving the Prosecutors’ Office and a private chaebol (conglomerate).

Two years later, in the second season, a conflict erupts between the Prosecutors’ Office and the National Police Agency, with the former seeking control over all investigative procedures and the latter seeking independent ability to conduct investigations. Hwang Si-Mok and Han Yeo-jin partner up to conduct their own independent investigation of a hidden case in the midst of their respective agencies’ battle.